Not Food for Old Men: A Mexican Culinary Adventure



Not Food for Old Men: A Mexican culinary adventure

by Anabelle Rosell Aguilar (Author), Reyna Jaime (Author), Giovanni Simeone (Photographer)

Baja California is uncompromising. It is a 1,220-kilmoeter-long peninsula of desert and cactus, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other, beaten by strong winds, eroded by gigantic waves and made incandescent by hot summers!


Not Food For Old Men is a gastronomic and photographic adventure to explore this region suspended between the US and Mexico. The lobster, marlin, octopus, chiles, and ribs are the cornerstones of a kitchen at the "end of the world," often overlooked and for this reason even more authentic.


The new recipe book “Not Food for Old Men” serves as a visually stunning guide to the Baja peninsula. Written by in both Spanish and English it is a great hit list of dishes to taste and try making yourself if you are so inclined. The book serves a larger purpose though and it seeks to share the visual beauty as well as the beautiful culinary flavors of Baja. The book also contains short anecdotal stories that help the reader grasp the spirit of Baja. One of my favorites is the story of Jim Morrison writing an extended end to the song “The End” as an ode to Ensenada. The recipes in the book range from simple Marlin Tacos to more complex Chiles in Nogada. A few of the chefs who contributed recipes are Victoria Sánchez, Edgar Román, and Uziel Leaño.

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