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Just a reminder that <font color=yellow>Operation Clean Desert III </font color=yellow>is next weekend the 19th. We are setting up at S/F again this year. Rory has designed a new Trophy Trash Truck which will be featured on the shirts this year.

We have some exciting news for our annual raffle fundraiser - Baja Racing Products has donated a JD squared Model 3 Tubing Bender along with a 1 1/2" 180 degree die.

<font color=yellow>Clean Up Raffle Prizes ~</font color=yellow>

Deaver Springs is providing a set of rear springs
Donahoe Racing is providing a set of 7100 Bilstein Shocks,
An Ivan Stewart Die Cast, signed trophy truck domated by the Iron Man himself
Two Motoralla M1125 mobile radios donated by Frank Hines of Telcom/ Motion Tire
Tubing Bender and die donated by Baja Racing Products

Tickets for each raffle are $5 - all this money goes to CORDR.

Sponsor Info:
along with our raffle sponsors - we have other sponsors that are participating with us to make our third event a successful one - so A BIG thank you goes out to these folks!!

Tube Specialties Company is providing all of the T-shirts this year!
Telcom/Motion Tire is providing 3 Motorola radios for the raffle
Riverinfo.com has again provided the grand prize for the clean up volunteers
K & N provided a much coveted Leather jacket for our Expo raffle won by Kevin Davis.
ORW has also given a set of PIAA lights, gift certs and other goodies to give away to volunteers.

Other Sponsors Include:
Off Road Expo
Racers Only
Off Road Warehouse
Rod Hall Racing
Sunrise Consulting
Hernquist and Associates
Sign Pros
Ntense T's
Tony Barazza Designworks
Terrible Herbst Motorsports
JG Transwerks
Dusty Times
Desert Disposal
Slash X Cafe
Cycle Parts West
Camburg Engineering
United Prerunners
Tim McElroy

For location information download our flier with the map at <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.race-dezert.com/wwwthreads/files/25-31320-OCDIIIFlier.pdf>http://www.race-dezert.com/wwwthreads/files/25-31320-OCDIIIFlier.pdf</A>

Also we are in need of a <font color=yellow>projector </font color=yellow>to play a couple movies during dinner - if anyone out there has one they can lend or bring to the event, we would be more than appreciative.

Also United Prerunners is making a special offer to its members - any member that comes to the clean up gets two passes for events in the 2003 season.

If you can't make the clean up, but would like a raffle ticket or make a donation - our treasurer Sheryl Cannon is making an offer you simply can't refuse - feel free to send checks to HER office and we'll make sure that your name gets put in the hat for the drawing!!

Coalition of Off-Road Desert Racers (C.O.R.D.R.)
C/O Sheryl Cannon, Treasurer
536 S. Second Avenue, Suite E
Covina, CA 91723

"Cash should not be mailed, but is gladly accepted. You can bring it to my office in Covina. You can make donations at the Clean-Up, but it helps us to have the funds prior to the event so we can pay our vendors for the services and products they are providing the organization.

Donations are accepted all year long so feel free to give to the cause, we all want our deserts open for our use and use by future generations. To those who have already donated, THANK YOU, without you our mission could not be accomplished.

PS If you want to donate but just don't have the cash right now, please call my office (626-653-2023) and perhaps we can work out payment by credit card, running the charges through my company on behalf of CORDR. Thank you. "

And a repost from Tim Lindsay ~

Well, it's clean-up time again, and we need some help on a few things. First thing is the BLM is asking us to go to some remote areas. The company that donates the dumpsters can only bring them to the s/f area at Outlet Center Drive. We are hoping to help the BLM out by having some groups head out to a few remote areas and do some clean-up out there and bring it back to the dumpsters or the dump directly. One area I know could use some of our loving is Hodge Road. The BLM is going to give us some other locations. So if you have a group of trucks, or don't mind joining in a group to hit these areas, please let us know.

Another problem is more and more people are picking up nails in their tires in the s/f area. I was thinking if there is anybody out there, like a electric motor rebuilding place, that can provide us with some magnets so we can maybe hit some of the camp fire rings. I know that they can be pretty heavy, so if anybody has any ideas or suggestions, or can provide us with some magnets, please let me know.

I would like to add that the Stoddard Valley area looks really good. Not only is this a compliment to all the volunteers from past OCD and Bill Markel clean-ups, but to the users who are taking care of our lands between these events. The BLM knows that we care, and that there is a tremendous difference since these clean-ups have started. Keep up the good work, and hope you all can attend or donate to OCD III.

Hope to see everyone out there!

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