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Ocotillo This Weekend!

Anyone elce going to be at Ocotillo this weekend? I will be there from Wednesday - Sunday. I would like to meet some of you that I havent had a chance to meet yet. I will be camping with a big group at Chilua road (or whatever its called) 7 telephone poles pased Blue Inn. Watch for me at Blow Sand and Devils Slide also. I will be in my White Toyota with no bed and all glass with 2 spares and a big BFG sticker on the front window. Stop by and say Hi if you see me!

Who elce will be there?

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This weekend went bust for me today. My Boss said it's imperitive I work on Friday. This sucks. I was going out Thursday as soon as I could get away from the table. I'll be out the before Christmas, or maybe for Christmas. Who knows. Have fun, I'll see you and Khris out there sometime.


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Lemme talk to Ms. Ryno, and see if she will bite. I know she wants to fire up the banshee. =)


Build it like a Rhino, and Leave it be.


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I'll be out this weekend. I'd like to take a look at your front suspension, thinking about getting one of those total chaos kits on my truck. Look for the two, twin, black T-100's.
Cool I will be out there with a guy in a big White T100 with a burley prerunner bumper on the front. If you see him or my truck say hi cause its hard for me to spot people when its that crowded heh.

Ryno: for sure! Get that thing fired up!

Go Big Or Go Home
And were off!! See ya guys out there.

Please try and be safe and dont drink to much and then go driving or riding! And if you want to jump a hill or dunes please have a spotter!!

Later guys!

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I might cruise out friday night or saturday, look for the green ranger with white glass/ bedsides, Fish, your toy looks pretty nice, id like to check it out in person.


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Sorry guys, I was at Glamis all last week. I was planning on going this upcoming weekend but doubt I'll make it. I've been in the desert the past 3 weekends in a row and should stay home to get some other stuff taken care of.

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