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Ocotillo Wells Trajedy!!


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I don't know if this is appropriate but as a fellow rider it kinda bothered me. This is from a OC newspaper. Anyone else out there that rides, MAKE SURE TO USE SPOTTERS WHEN JUMPING!!!!! I've had 2 personal bad experiences that were luckily not like this. I've hit a friend head on jumping blind in Dunes. And landed on top of my Father's rail jumping a hard pack jump at Ocotillo Wells due to mis-communication.

The "?" are supposed to be quotation marks.

Boy dies after dirt-bike collision

Accident - His father, riding a motorcycle up the opposite side of a sand dune, strikes the Aliso Viejo teen, who dies after surgery

A 14-year-old Aliso Viejo boy was killed in an off-road motorcycle accident Sunday morning when he collided head-on with a motorcycle driven by his father just out-side Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in San Diego County.

Jesse Davis, an eighth grader at Don Juan Avila Middle School and avid motorcyclist, later died at a hospital after surgery.

?They weren?t able to see each other because they approached the same hill from different directions,? said Jose Rocha, a
dispatcher with the California Highway Patrol in San Diego.

The accident occurred at 10:30 a.m. at the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area, a massive desert park with sand dunes about 100 miles northeast of San Diego.

The boy?s father, Steven Gonzalez, 40, of Aliso Viejo was riding a Yamaha YZ 125 at 40 mph up a dune, while his son, also on a motorcycle, approached the same hill from the opposite direction at about 20 mph, the dispatcher said.

The father jumped his bike at the top of the hill and crashed into his son?s upper body as he reached the top of the sand dune, Rocha said.

The boy was knocked unconscious; he was flown to Palomar Medical Center. He died after undergoing emergency surgery, said Tamara Hemmerly, a hospital spokeswoman.

Gonzalez was treated at Pioneer Memorial Hospital in Brawley. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there are more serious injuries and fatalities involving off-road motorbikes than in more common sports, but there are no statistics on dirtbike accidents and fatalities.

Neighbors on Sunday night recalled the love of motorcycles shared by father and son. The pair often rode together in front of their house on Plateau Street.

?That?s all he wanted to talk about,? said friend Katie Graves, 13. "He did dirt biking and won trophies.? The girl said she last saw Jesse on Friday night. He was excited about the weekend family camping trip.

She said Jesse enjoyed making milkshakes, listening to punk and rock music, and riding his skateboard. ?He was really sweet? she said. ?He liked to show everyone his bikes and his room.?

Katie?s mother, Jennifer Graves, said Jesse had a happy disposition and lots of friends. ?He was always very nice to Katie,? Graves said. ?They talked on the phone almost every day.?

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It sucks to hear that.

They should have taken him to a better hospital since he was taken out by air. A friend of mine almost died in Pioneer hospital after a crash at Glamis. I feel that the people at that hospital are highly incompetent and after seeing a friend of mine there almost die, myself have bad luck with a broken ankle, my Mom have horrible surgery due to an accident, i would only suggest that hospital as a last resort to people who are down that way. The friend that almost died had a punctured lung, exploded intestines, and internal bleeding and for the they just diagnosed him with a broken rib at first. Luckily he had money and after a week of that hell hole he was able to be medivaced to a good hospital in Pasadena and made a remarkable recovery. He weighed in at 104 when he left the Brawley hospital from his regular weight of 130-140.

I am not an advocate of Brawley hospital and just wanted to share my experiences. I feel bad for the family that lost there son and hope it was not due to utter incompetence on the hospital's behalf.


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It said the boy was flown to Palomar Hospital and the father was taken to Pioneer. You know what though, I've also heard that if you are hurt out there you don't want to go to Pioneer because of their incompetance. I know the two times that we've had emergencies that warranted immediately leaving we assesed the situation and on one event drove his ass all the way back to San Diego. The other one, we specifically had him life flighted to San Diego because of the bad things we had heard about that hospital out there.

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re- read the article,
the father was taken to Brawley, its says the kid its says was flown to Palomar in Escondido. A decent hospital.

I couldnt imagine hitting my own kid and killing him. Id be devastated. Sounds like a spotter couldve prevented this whole thing.


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I agree 100%, I've seen one person die on the face of shell reef that could have easily been prevented from a spotter. I have seen numerous other accidents that could have been prevented if common sense and safety were practiced. Its very unfortunate but accidents like this are way too common and they can be prevented if people would only use their heads. For people going out to the desert this weekend please be safe and use caution. I don't want to read about another incident like this next week. As much fun as Thanksgiving weekend can be in the desert, its not worth risking your life (or someone else's) by being dumb and careless. As for the comments about the hospital in Brawley, I agree, it is a horrible hospital and I have been told by surgeon's to avoid it whenever possible, especially on a big weekend such as Thanksgiving because they get overwhelmed with people. I think it's worth it to pay the extra money and get flown to another more reputable hospital. After all life is priceless. Everyone be safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving


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I was a firefighter for 5 seasons with CDF. In that time, I learned about Emergency Medicine, as I was also an EMT-D. Trauma centers are expensive, and the state madates a certain percentage of ER's be level 1 trauma. It is up to the hospitals what they do, but to maintain level 1 status is mucho $$$$. Palomar in Escondido is the main Mercy Air Hospital in San Diego. From there, Sharp and UCSD come next. As far as Brawley, I believe they are level 2. All that means is that the ER isn't staffed with the same amount of equipment/ Staffing. Not really all that different. If I had my choice, I would go to Yuma, or go to Vegas. This is assuming that I couldn't go to Palomar. It's all about the state, and $$$, plain and simple.


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