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Ocotillo Wells "hit" piece on KUSI CH 9 News

Last week, KUSI TV in San Diego ran a two-part program focusing on the law-breaking party element that has become a problem at the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area (OWSVRA).

Unfortunately, what the program showed was factual. This sort of behavior does in fact take place in the park. More unfortunately, however, is that the station chose not to show the other side of the story. They failed to make clear that the vast majority of these law-breakers are NOT off-roaders, but rather young people who choose the park as a place to party. The did not show off-road recreation as the wholesome, healthy, law-abiding family activity that it is.

After protests from off-roaders and Kathy Dolinar, Superintendent of OWSVRA, KUSI has agreed to cover the annual desert clean-up in the park Saturday, Nov. 13. Historically, however, some TV and radio stations do not follow up on such promises. We need two things from you:

1. Call the station at 858.571.5151 or email them at news@kusi.com and let them know you are unhappy with their one-sided portrayal of off-road recreation and you want them to keep their date on the 13th.

2. Come out to OWSVRA on the 13th and lend a hand. We want to have as large a crowd there as possible, so that we make a strong statement on the KUSI follow-up report. And besides, helping to keep our desert clean is fun and the right thing to do! Be at the Ranger Station at 7:00 AM for breakfast. The clean-up will begin at about 7:30, and we'll be through before noon. A free lunch will follow.

Thanks for your help in setting the record straight about our sport!