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Oct Off-Road Issue


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I just got the new Off-Raod and on the cover is a yellow Tundra. Check out the wheels - the description says 16x9 machine polished with "bead lock-style" anodized rings. Looks like AXIS is manufacturing wheels with fake bead locks. Disco Rules!

"Just Because They Serve You... Doesn't Mean They Like You."
I thought the new issue is terrible. The ferrari yellow tundra with the matching helmet on the inside rules(extreme sarcasm).. The fake beadlocks are another story.. I guess anything to make a quick buck off the off-road community. Well the non off-road community more like. The REF truck is very nice in person, the pics in the mag are terrible and do that truck no justice. You have to look at them for a minute or two to figure out what the shot is of...


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I didnt know REF was still in business? Last I heard of them, they built Manny Esquerras Ranger headers. If this is still the REF Unltd'.
Is that the primered grey F-100. Jeez Im tired of getting my magazine a week after everyone else.

Yeah John I have that problem too with OffRoad, they tend to flip images and not catch it before they go to press. Bad proofing

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.off-road.com/race/2000laughlin/gallery/contingency/DSC_0194.jpg>http://www.off-road.com/race/2000laughlin/gallery/contingency/DSC_0194.jpg</A>


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
The REF truck is sweet, but the rest of the mag is just Fabtech's monthly catalog.

"Just Because They Serve You... Doesn't Mean They Like You."


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REF is still in buisness. They are in Kingman AZ. They have built every set of headers for all of our trucks and done a damn fine job. They even come to your shop and do it right there for you.


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I've seen that Ferrari yellow Tundra a few times. The gent who owns it stopped at a local 7-11 last week. My friends and I trotted across the parking lot to witness this disco mobile. Wouldn't you believe this guy had an arrogant attitude as he stepped out of the drivers seat. I felt it was more of a rock crawler than anything else. The only thing it's got going for it are some bitchen parts; coilovers, plush interior, and some piaa lights.
The article says he produces parts for street racers or imports. He is no trying to make a quick buck off the popularity of prerunners. I guess he must have spent some cash on advertising thus getting his truck on the cover and inside. I know of about 300 trucks that are more functional then that thing.. But money talks, he has a big add in this months magazine and adds are not cheap. I am sure it cost him a couple of grand.. Hope he sells a lot of wheels, He makes a 17x10, what desert truck can run a 10" wide wheel? You would think a 17x8 would be a bigger seller? just my $.02


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The REF truck was pretty cool until, the ugly painted graffics, and the 16" Knock offs were slammed on there, what is that???? I have pictures of that truck at Primm last year, all white without those goddey knock-off's and it was sick.
Put it back the way it was.