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October OFF-ROAD

So, I walk into the office on August 20, and my boss Randall Jachmann says "Have you seen what they're saying about us on race-dezert.com?" Since I didn't have a clue what the race-dezert website was all about, I checked it out. Yikes! It looks like OFF-ROAD Magazine has struck a raw nerve within the prerunner community.
Therefore, I've decided to reply to the letters posted on race-dezert on behalf of OFF-ROAD. First, know this: Editor Jachmann and myself are dedicated to the prerunner cause, but we also enjoy other styles of off-road trucks. The reality of the automotive publishing world is that a magazine's editorial content must showcase all popular types of off-road trucks, even those that may not appeal to every enthusiast.
bpracer has a problem with the "fake bead locks" used on our October '01 cover truck. Why? If you don't like phony bead locks, don't buy 'em. John Biting's dimwit remarks about the "terrible photos" of the trick REF truck are ridiculous. Jeremy Sundt's photos are terrific; crisp focus, proper exposure, killer action, and plenty of well-composed detail shots. If you can do better, Biting, give us a call; we'll see if you're a shooter or if you're full of hot air.
Doug M states that OFF-ROAD contains "flipped" photo images. Which images, Doug? What issue? Which story?
bpracer goes on to state that OFF-ROAD Magazine is "Fabtech's monthly catalog." More bull from bpracer. Yes. Fabtech is an advertiser in OFF-ROAD, and, yes, we do editorial on Fabtech installs, but OFF-ROAD is hardly in Fabtech's pocket. We simply feel there are readers who are interested in Fabtech products.
Back to Biting: Oh, how we so enjoy your childish jibberish regarding the yellow Tundra. Gems such as "He is no trying to make a buck," and "He has a big add in this month's magazine" truly show Biting's lack of basic communication skills. Mr. Biting, you also state that the yellow Tundra owner bought the front cover. Sorry, Biting, that's just not possible. Editor Jachmann, Publisher Dave Withrow and Editorial Director Kevin Wilson simply wouldn't allow such a rental job--the cover of OFF-ROAD is not for sale, period.
Finally, Biting, you state that you know of "300 trucks that are more functional than that thing (the yellow Tundra)." Great! We'd certainly like to see all 300 trucks; we always need fresh feature material. Let us know, would ya, Biting?
As should be obvious, the staff of OFF-ROAD is passionate about the magazine, and we genuinely care about our readers' comments, though it may not seem so by the tone of this letter. We're dedicated to making OFF-ROAD into the authority on high-performance trucks, but we're a long way from perfection. Keep reading OFF-ROAD--we've got some great stuff in upcoming issues!
Joel Mollis
Managing Editor, OFF-ROAD Magazine


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Ouch, for what it's worth John you do a good job. Joel the fact that your magazine caters to many different types of off-road vehicles is one of the reasons I enjoy reading it so much - however regarding the types of comments that were posted related to the fake rim locks etc. We just want to see it kept real. A prerunner is a funtional tool and when you put lame non functional parts on it, it cheapens the overall image of the truck. Just my opinion.


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If you need some fresh material go to an Inland Prerunner Meeting. There are more trucks in different stages and different budgets than you can think of. You could easily get material from a meeting. Just one question also, what is your actual definition of a "Prerunner Truck"? I am subscriber to the magazine and have seen some good articles and pics but what makes it easy to slam is the facts or lack of correct ones. Like the Modern Image F150 you guys did a few months back, you state that it has dual Foxes up front, this guy lives down the street and it still has the original Fabtech shocks on it. Many times I have seen specs of the truck and they don't match the pictures you have on the same page. You just cant half ass something some many people live for. If you want to make a better magazine take the criticism given by this board, don't shout back at your readers on what they would rather see. Just my 2 cents.

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Joel, Just replying in that fashion really makes me look at Off-Road magazine in a whole new light. Everybody has an opinion, and that is their right. I enjoy Off-Road magazine more than any other magazine out there, please don't spoil that for me by getting into petty arguements on an open forum. E-mail these guys with your thoughts, don't put a professional magazine on your back and parade around with it, it only makes you and the magazine look stupid. just my OPINION.


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let me know when and where you want all of us to meet. I'm sure carolyn can bring her truck out since she can no longer race it according to the rules( one shock per wheel) posted in thier Magazine her truck in no longer legal in class 1450. I wonder if they are going to pull her points and take away second place.

Gabe Lara

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First of all, you probably are not very in tune with the desert racing community if you are barely discovering RDC......

I 'd have to agree with Rory. Alot of people in this forum read Off-Road, and many of us would agree that you are catering to a large market of truck enthusiasts. Don't tarnish any type of respect we may have for your magazine with such a post.

For what its worth, why not take up these strong feelings with John Bitting himself, rather than posting it here? John is a good friend of mine and one of the easiest going guys you'll ever meet. I'm sure he would be happy to chat with you, and any concerns you may have.

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John Bitting

Joel first off welcome to the page.. Glad you found us, also glad you and Randall are talking about us. That must mean we are getting bigger and getting our views and opinions out there. If you would take anytime to do research you would know that I am good friends with Jeremy Sundt and I have helped with recruiting for your magazine of non desert racing trucks. But I am sure you know that. We are an Off-Road page. So fake beadlocks are not popular on this forum. It is our opinion and that is what makes the world go around. If you featured nothing but prerunners you would lose all of your readers back east and we all know that. Why dont you take time to search through our guestbook. You will see that every month I have said nothing but good things about your magazine. I have been a long time subscriber and advocate to get people to subscribe. But my view has now changed. Do some searching of our guestbook and see how many times I complimented you guys, or the call for f-250 Super Dutys to help you out on an upcoming issue. Go ahead and read all of it and then e-mail me persoanally. With over 4000 different people a day logging into this site, I am sure you have just made that many enemies. There are more professional ways to go about this, e-mail me personally.


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Joel Mollis,

I subscribe to OFFROAD Magazine and I think its the best magazine out there! Keep up the good work and I agree Jeremy takes awesome pictures!

Jordan May

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The offroad racin community is absolutely the biggest [censored] talking crowd in existance..you have to be a little thicker skinned.
To show you how bad it can get...RDC had to go to this register type forum because the linear posting site was so out of hand.
In fact..now that you have shown concern..you will be considered weak and will be dog piled on!! You have a great mag..keep up the
good work. Oh, BTW, maybe you should do a prerunner issue...go to an inland prerunners meeting and show some serious
prrerunners and write about the no compromise attitude of the prerunner crowd.

Winning IS everything

John Bitting

My e-mail to my buddy Joel:

Here are some of my previous posts. They all can be found by going under my profile and show all user posts..

07-10-01(Article was about why off-road caters to different groups of people and not just the west coast)

This months off-road magazine has a good little write up on the Father and son team in the Airborne Ranger that races MDR prerunner class, it says they drive it out to every race, that is pretty cool. It was built by Penhall using Camburg beams and radius arms.. Also check out the article from Randall on the inside of the cover, It is exactly what we just talked about a week or so ago.....

07-16-01 (trying to get trucks for the superduty issue)

This is an open call for F-250 Super Dutys and prerunners, these must be extremely clean fixed up trucks for possible magazine publication, Please e-mail if interested.

07-03-01 (about you guys favoring fabtech)

I dont think Off-Road favors Fabtech. You have to remember that 90% of there subscriptions are back east. Now that fabtech is a big distributor people back there know about it, it would be hard for Randall to feature local shops all the time because he would get a lot of complaints. As far as 19" out of that Fabtech truck it sounds a little fishy, I would guess 15 at the most, The truck would be nicer if the trusset on the rear end was not bolted on, that is kinda cheesy and the belts hanging from the ceiling, not to sure about that... All in all I think it could be a real bitchin truck with a few changes but you have to commend them for what they have done and are doing. They have made prerunner parts affordable to everyone. I guarantee 90% of the people on this board had something Fabtech at one time or another and have talked to Ivan Dan behind the counter. :)

Also 07-03-01 (about you guys not showing enough prerunners)

Talk to the guys at Off-Road magazine. They are trying there hardest to get desert "west coast" stuff in the mag. We should be thankful. The last editor that did what Randall was doing now was let go a couple of years ago.. Plus the people backeast dont have much desert to go fast across. So be thankful for what we have to look out. It could go away real soon or get stronger. My vote is for stronger...


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wow-did he just make the magazine look kinda bad, or what?? i wonder if off road actually knows about what he wrote, or if he just did it on his own. doesn't seem at all professional. calling your readers dimwitted??? nice.
everybody appreciates what off road is doing for the desert racing community, there's no doubt about it. the exposure is a good thing. however, off road racing isn't a show and shine competition, and that's where the feature truck seems to belong. sorry, but fake parts that look pretty but do nothing are kinda silly. items like 8 inch lift blocks, 6 chromed (and empty) shocks per wheel, triple/double chromed lightbars, and smoked headlight covers are what we're talking about here. check out another thread on this page called disco trucks for more examples.
take all this as constructive criticism, off road mag. that type of stuff doesn't fly with the off road racing crowd, so we're just letting you know about it.


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Welcome Joel. As a subscriber I feel EMPOWERED! It's nice to know that my "Bull" is actually reaching the decision makers. First off, I think fake beadlocks are a joke. As a avid desert goer, I prefer function over looks. Second, I know Fabtech is one of your advertisers, its pretty obvious. I just think its funny that with all the other quality fab shops out there, some who also advertise with you, such as Camburg and WTD, that a magazine showing offroad and "pre-runner" parts and installs focuses so much attention on one company. Take it for what its worth...only the opinion of one of your subscribers. I hope you continue to visit this board as I feel you and your magazine could learn a lot about offroad racing and prerunners. I know I learn something new every day. ENJOY.

"Just Because They Serve You... Doesn't Mean They Like You."

John Bitting

RDC readers, I do not think the answer is bashing back and forth with Joel, he has said his 2 cents and we should be conscience about it when we post. I should not have bad mouthed AXIS wheels, they are getting into off-roading and there is potential for them to bring a lot of money to the sport. I apologize to off-road mag for that.


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Does this surprise anyone, look at the history of off -raod mag, it is full of over lifted trucks that don't work in the real world they are ment for show, but they make sales and that is what is important (not that I agree with it).


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Attn: Joel and everyone at Off-Road. I would just like to vouch for John by telling you that he and I correspond by e-mail and he helped me get my truck in your magazine. He had nothing but good things to say about you guys over there. I believe he used the phrase" The guys over at OFF-ROAD, They are good people". Just thought you should know.


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I sebscribe to many Offroad Type Magazines but I honestly think Offroad is the best. What other good offroad magazines feature article that this community likes to enjoy? Dirt Pilot? Yeah right thats the worst POS magazine IMO. Offroad has tons of PreRunners, Desert Racing Companies, Race Information and more. Regardless of the article I would of said the same 6 months ago long before the shoot.


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I have to say OFFROAD is a good mag. I've been subscribing since 1984 when they used to have Ivan Stewart as "Race Editor" and then Rick Sieman in that same spot.

It has come a LONG way since then. I think Tom Lutz did a very good job as Editor up untill '99 when Randall Jachmann came on board. There have been alot of nice prerunners and some not so nice ones as well. At least there getting coverage ya know..
I also subscribe to Dusty Times and 4W&OR. 4W&OR shows no prerunners/ racer trucks/cars and when they do its in an ad or its a small bit of race coverage.

So basically its OFF-ROAD, Dusty Times or the most fave hangout-here at RDC.

Im not complaining since the desert racing coverage has dwindled consierably in magzines since the 80's- Id like to hang onto as much as I can before there isnt any more coverage in any magazines

my .03


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I would like to add something to this discussion but for some reason my post's are considered "out of line" and get deleted. So I guess I should just keep my keyboard to my self.

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I was browsing back a few pages and came across this post. I know my reply is tardy but I had to make a comment, this one is funny! If you want to know what goes on behind closed doors at Off-Road Mag (editors vs. advertisers power struggle), I would be happy to shed some light on the subject. I worked there from '96-'98. There are some things written in this post I agree with and there are some I don't. All I have to say is that money controls that majority of what takes place in our lives and businesses...this is true for publishing as well. The advertising dollars spent each year for any magazine is incredible. Some Primedia (McMullen Argus) publications get over $6000 for a four-color full page ad and that is for one single month! Totally crazy if you ask me. It is worth it for companies who advertise (like Fabtech) because they dish out free product to editors and their choice of project trucks each month. There are many other people and business who cash in on this relationship because editorial is 10x more powerful than each buck spent on advertising (as long as the editorial is good). Off-Road is a cool mag and it was a kick in the ass to work there. You meet so many people in the industry and that is bitchin if you are an off-road enthusiast. Bottom line, if you don't like the mag...don't read it.

P.S. Randall Jachman is a die hard racer and always has been...he's a good dude but sometimes editors don't have total control of magazine (believe it or not!)