off road a to z


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<font color="blue"> </font color> New show on OLN tonight. Off road a to z! 10:30 pm

John Bitting

It was pretty neat. I saw the cameras all around at the 500 and did not know what they were for, pretty cool seeing Steinberger and the regular RDC readers in it.


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the show was good, especially for beginners, like my old man lol..........
i thought there was a little too much talking from the bilstein guy
and too much of the turner team
some of the old video was great
i hope the next eddition is on soon


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Was funny to see how excited the Co-driver was to toss all the tool bags out to show all the tools needed.


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i thought there was a little too much talking from the bilstein guy

[/ QUOTE ]

That Bilstein guy is Doug Robertson. Mutli time winner of the Baja 500/1000 and probably knows more about off road racing/winning then most folks on this list.

He used to run the Bilstein Baja Bugs with his brother Don and is the president of Bilstein of America



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Spot on, Doug!

Personally, I thought that was one of the best desert racing programs I have ever seen.



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<font color="red"> Here Come the Big Boys - Ford Jumps In
</font color>

One of the first Destroit carmakers to see the popularity of off-road racing was Ford Motor Company. For was into every kind of wheeled racing there was, and off-roading was a natural for this performance-oreinted company. With a shelf full of high performance engines and driveline components and a dozen of the world's finest drivers under contract, going off-road racing was a natural for the big Blue Oval.


October 9th show

OFF ROAD A TO Z <font color="blue"> Anything You Can Do... </font color>

The last thing Chevrolet would ever do is concede any automotive contest to its archrival from Dearborn. When Chevy flexed its massive corporate muscle - and its muscle trucks - on tough courses like the Baja and other off-road races, Ford and everyone else suddenly knew they were in a race!


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I feel sorry for you chevy fans. that was like a ford commercial good thing I like fords first on race day baby. does taylor really have 800+ hp……wow. gary turner had some interesting things to say about their motor. I was glad to see a big sponsor behind the program ford chevy or whatever, wonder who’s next. It’s a good show spread the word.
(attached is a pic of turners first race in the “new” truck in san felipe…man it was fast…thanks rdc for the pic)



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a little too much ford for me, but not bad...i ended up watching most of the CORR race instead, since they again scheduled them at the same time...


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That was the first episode I cought. Not bad alot of talk about FORD with I am a CHEVY fan but I have to give it to FORD for sponsoring the sport I love.


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I emailed OLN this morning an they have allready replied. I encourage everyone to do the same and maybe we can convince them that them airing off road shows will boost their ratings.


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dang, i missed it. did anybody record it? i am gonna set up my computer to record the rest of them. the next one is for you chevy fans. i emailed oln also to thank them for the off road shows.


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It's on again Tomorrow...

and a new schedule has been posted:

Date Time et/pt Title
12/4/2003 10:30 PM - 11:00 PM Making it - From Novice to Pro
12/5/2003 1:30 AM - 2:00 AM Making it - From Novice to Pro
12/11/2003 10:30 PM - 11:00 PM Cute, Mean and Very Fast - Baja Buggy
12/12/2003 1:30 AM - 2:00 AM Cute, Mean and Very Fast - Baja Buggy
12/18/2003 10:30 PM - 11:00 PM Going First Class - Successful Teams
12/19/2003 1:30 AM - 2:00 AM Going First Class - Successful Teams
12/25/2003 10:30 PM - 11:00 PM How the Other Half Lives - Little Guys
12/26/2003 1:30 AM - 2:00 AM How the Other Half Lives - Little Guys

follow the link for the schedule ...also... you can sign up for email or text message reminders:

enjoy !!


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Allright all you baja bug lovers, tonight they are supposed to feature class 5 and 5/1600 on Off-Road A-Z. Larry McCallum should be featured in this one, he was interviewed at the 500.


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Good show tonight. Showed a alot of Class 1's and 1600's. It is all again tonight...11 or 11:30 pm