and rediculous advertising


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Have any of you gone on lately? Excuse me while I go on a rant here.

I have not been on that site in a long time. So I am trying to navigate past the gauntlet of flashing ads and pop-ups to get to the "Toyota" section and all of a sudden, my screen starts to darken and then this truck hood comes across my whole screen, overlapping what I am trying to look at.
I did not mention the brand of truck because honestly, I did not care. The ad pissed me off so much that I will never consider purchasing it BECAUSE of all the annoying, intrusive advertising the company does. So a minute later the truck disappears and I get what I thought was the Toyota page. I was wrong. It's DVD's and quads and non-toyota product reviews and MORE CRAP I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE!!!
These companys are taking this way too far. Do any of you EVER look at a pop-up ad and consider purchasing the product? Is the general public so impulsive that they need to be told what to buy on a daily basis? How does this type of advertising pay for itself? Why does allow this on their website? They obviously value advertising dollars over their readers. I will not be visiting again. And it's not because a website is SO expensive to run. It's not a storefront, there are no property taxes or healthcare or insurance to pay for. I could turn my computer into a server and run a message board with product reviews for a few dollars more then what I pay for DSL right now. It's ALL about the money and sometimes that's just sad.


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I know exactly the ad you are talking about! When I first saw that monsterous truck hood taking over my screen, it looked like a virus was taking over the computer. Its one of those ads that makes you hate the product because its so intrusive. Well webspace costs money and they need to get it somehow.


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This is why I constantly find it amusing about companies that I talk to about doing web work always saying "I am waiting for a friend that is suppose to build me a flash site". All that garbage jumping around the screen in 4543 colors and sounds is nothing but distracting. A nice, clean, well organized site will be more pleasing to your readers which is most important. Not too mention that there are tons of people still running older systems and dialup connections that cannot even load those sites. I see A LOT of websites and what people often forget is CONTENT is what keeps people coming back NOT design. You can have all the flashy stuff you want but if you dont have good content you wont last.


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I agree with you 100% Jordan. I don't mind a few ad's. I come to race-dezert all the time because of the content, like Jordan says. I respect the race-dezert crew for the great site they run with just a few ad's for companys their average reader would or should patronize.


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have you seen minority report? That is advertisings future unless some law is passed to limit it. NY taxi's are starting to have built in tvs showing ads that you can't turn off.


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Good luck trying to navigate that site too. Heck, I dont even know if they have GOOD content. I always get bored before I even get to what I was wanting to look at and I leave. Someone needs to give them a slap.


Las Vegas Taxis have TV's in the back running advertisement in your face. At least one of them I rode during the last SCORE Henderson race.

In's defence....its a business and they employ people, provide a much wider content selection then we do or any other offroad related website. Untill the day the visitor pays to visit a site there is no way to have one without advertisement unless its 100% donated time, software and servers and the makers are 100% enthusiasts, and even then it would be very hard to match what orc is doing.


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I sent the text of my origional post to several departments at
Here was the first reply from ORC:
" Aaron,
Ads pay the bills here and they are not trivial.
Would you consider paying $25 a year to not see ads on this site?"

My reply:
"I totally understand that ads pay bills. The problem is that's bills must be so huge that it has basically prostituted itself to its advertisers. If the site had some actual new content other then ads and product reviews(otherwise known as ADS) I would pay to visit the site."

ORC sells their ad space in part by bragging that their ad space is for annoying and distracting "FLASHING" and pop-up ads. Mabye if the site was specifically selling products to 6th graders, they would be impressed by flashing lights and bells and whistles but that is not the target audience of a off-road website. ORC should sell ad space. They should also say "I'm sorry, mr ad agent, you can not run a flash ad that covers more then half the front page every time someone visits our website"


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I think we should all wait until we hear from PJC until we start bashing. He will most likely have some informative insight you might want to consider until you vow to never go to ORC again.


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I am really really tired of advertising in general. It may be a little unfair but ORC just happened to push me over the edge.

I thought XM was gonna be great, you pay $10 a month and no advertising, right? Wrong. Slowly they are adding more and more commercials. So I canceled and got a Kenwood 10gb music keg for my car, fixed that problem real quick with 2500+ songs I have my own personal radio station now.

Satelite TV, you pay $50 or more a month and surely you don't have to sit through commercials then, right? No way, direct tv has as many commercials as channels 2-13. And 2-13 is free. You can rent a whole lot of videos for $50, so thats what we do.

You go to the supermarket, you are already spending your hard earned money in their establishment so do you need more ads? Sure you do,all in your face as you wait to check out.

They started showing product ads before movies started, what better place to take advantage of a captive audience. I think the government stepped in on that one last I heard.

The car companys are the worst with their stupid ass slogans "like a rock" and "the most dependable, longest lasting" and "drivers wanted" and "built ford tough" They surely hope you will not read consumer reports. Just buy it based on how many cup holders it has or how cool you will look when you roll through the mall parking lot in your off-road ready H2. Just make sure to buy those tail light grills and those $15,000 26" dubs from the dealership cause 20's are so last month.
Do any of us really need see a comercial to know Ford or Chevy or Nissan or Toyota are selling new vehicles? Mabye Kia, Dihatsu or Suzuki should run ads but even then I don't know.

Ok, I have gone on long enough and I will stop now.

What do you think about this subject?


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I think you went a tad overboard in your rant but I agree with you in principle on some things, especially about ORC. Ads are fine, in fact, I've clicked on ads before to check out a company or product, but never have I purposely clicked on a flash add and I don't think I ever will. Especially ORC's ads that you CAN'T CLOSE. I know that they pay more than regular ads. REgular ad's are per 1000 unique hits and pop-ups are per click, but you have got to draw the line somewhere. Normal pop-ups are annoying, flash pop-ups are worse, and uncloseable flash popups that block content are ridiculous. OUT


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I try to look at the overall picture. Especially in the case of websites and offroad in particular. These websites for the most part dont pay for themselves and most people are not willing to pay to enter websites. I have a small website and use it for information purposes and primarily about quad racing in the desert in general. and our team.It does cost money though in bandwith and space. Some pop up adds are annoying and its very simple how to fix that. Many little programs are avail to stop this. Pop up stopper is one that comes to mind but there are more. I think the pros outweigh the cons with ORC. They do a great job in getting information out, and pictures and videos. I have seen how hard those guys work to bring this stuff to us and a few ads to help pay the bills is ok by me for the stuff they do. Race-Dez as well. Thanks to Klaus for providing this for us. Thanks for all you do guys.......


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You have a very valid point, I goto websites all day long, and it gets very annoying to see 100000 banner ads, the worse ones are the ones that block stuff you need, you have to wait until they are done before they can be minimized., that or the adds that flash really fast and you cant really see what they say.. but you know if you stare too long you will go into seizuers LOL....

I think advertising should be toned down, i dont mind a banner ads, but i hate when the site is littered with them, that is just flat out tacky.


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Off-road is my life, it is what I live and breathe. Any site that is dedicated to our sport is a plus to me. PJC and the site are supporters of our sport, but more than supporters they love it as I do. Pat Chicas has dug deep in his pocket for years to keep ORC going and if his hard work has earned him advertisers that can help pay his bills than good for him. Pat not only supports Trophy Truck #7, he has sat with me right seat on the way to a Protruck victory at the Baja 1000. Orvacian before you rant about some adds that have your panties in a wad, you have the choice to click or not to click. PJC and ORC I appreciate you guys and will continue to read and support ORC. Also Kudos to SANTA Klaus and RDC staff for keeping us up on whats curent in off-road with this BBS.


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Im not bashing im just stating that I see what hes saying, ANY website you goto now adays has banner ads all over it. its kinda disgusting to see a good site ruined by banners. I realize some banners are needed but popups and other stuff isnt needed on every single click... go try a site like yahoo and see it comes up with junk in the middle of the screen. they are just pointing out the fact that they dont like the banners. he just used as an example. hes not out to bash hes just out to make a point he is sick of seeing banner ads on every single site he goes to.


I honestly don't care about banners, pop ups and other kinds of advertising on websites. Only time it does bother me is when you exit a porn site and you keep getting popups
But seriously, that is the only way websites have to pay bills, just deal with it. If ORC tells all their advertisers that they will only put up a small banner at the top of their site some of the advertisers would pull out from them.

The reason a website like Yahoo! doesn't have annoying popup ads is because they can afford to, they are a large corporation that has funding, they aren't a group of people volunteering their time and taking money out of their pocket to run the place.

How would you guys recomend ORC and other websites that have annoying advertising get their money to run the site that we view for free ?