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John Bitting

Does anyone know where to find the up to the minute coverage. Once again I find myself looking for it. Still have not seen prerun notes from Thursday or pics from Tech yesterday, Anyone know where they are at?? Thanks...


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After clicking "enter" on the first page, you will be brought to the contents page. At the very top of the contents page click on "The 2001 SCORE Baja 500 is near." That will take you to the little Baja 500 page. Then click on "Realtime Race Commentary" and that will bring you to the page. Hope this helps.

p.s. For Gordon fans who haven't visited ORC, they reported Gordon wadded up the TT during prerunning and the team was attempting to repair the truck's front suspension in order to race.

John Bitting

Got it thanks, I was looking on the off-road.com/race page. Who would have thought. Damn... wishing I was there..


Hi John,

I am glad to see that SCORE is gonna do realtime results. They have attempted to do this for a long time but, it didn't work too well. This is a very hard thing to do for us. With SCORE, we have to do a tremendous amount of hand entry and then use the sat phone via a super slow connection to make it happen. I was in or chasing the race car #270 on course for the entire race. When I got to the finish line at midnight, I found that my, ORC guys were having problems with the results program. I was able to fix it in 15 minutes but, it's a drag to do this stuff with all the hand entry. It is extremely error prone. BITD works it so much easier but simply providing detailed files from their database that are 100% compatible with our application

I had a blast in #270. We were in solid 2nd in class when Scott and I got our at RM278. Unfortunately, Dane and Dana had a lot of fuel and electrical problems which dropped us back by a couple of hours..

Mucho broken, stuck and abandoned race cars in th loop behind Mike's. At least 5 cars went off Walker's turn. The toughest Baja 500 ever? I bet it was!

See you at Tonopah.


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