Off-road commercials


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Wow I didn't know there were so many! But you missed a classic, the Ford commercial with scenes from the charles bronson movie Mr Majestyc:



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One of my favorite Ford Commercials, was when ford first came out with the integrated brake controller. Might not be off road, but when they show the brake controller and how it works, then they flash to a F350 towing a large load coming down a tight winding moutian pass on a wet, foggy night....there is an accident and the road is blocked, the driver hits the brakes and stops the truck in time. The way they produced this video, very surreal...and really put that situation in your head. Great work by the production company!

I have a copy of the video (Thanks friends at Ford!), but i havent uploaded it yet!



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I think him and Jimmy Beaver are probably the 2 best off-road announcers out there . They not only are good at the announcing part but they have the knowledge of the sport too 👍🏻.