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Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole Pitel from Total Chaos for her cover shot on the DirtSports Retailer magazine this month. Awesome Nicole, awesome!


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Nice write up on Total Chaos. Check out the website They got a full page article stressing their "dedication to providing quality products that are considered above industry standards, the way they sell their products, complete with instructions, warranty cards, layout and overall packaging, is the reason why these niche manufacturers are a force to be reckoned with".
I ordered the Tacoma Long Travel suspension and opened up a box that looked like it came from Nordstroms.... Absolutely first class. The attention to detail, complete cad-drawn instructions, everything clearly identified, and all the parts fit as promised. They sell well-designed products and deliver it in a manner not often seen from small fab shops... Congratulations on a magazine cover , you guys, well deserved!