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Hello all,
This is a posting to tell you all that the Expo is a sell out. At this
moment there are just over 200 exhibitors who have reserved over 400 booths,
not counting the outdoor spaces. A delicious mix of manufacturers,
distributors, retailers, organizations, publications and race teams will
form the population of the 2001 Off Road Expo.

What seems more important to me is the dynamics of the mix. The show will be
much more than a basic selling event for companies. It will be a happening.
A happening that you do not want to miss.

You see, beyond the business issues of sales and market share, there lies
that intangible of the impact of your presence. Yes, you matter. You make
the happening just that. A happening.

There will be plenty of attention getting activities. The drawing for the
Baja 1000 will take place on Saturday, Oct. 6. Checkers Off Road Race Team
will give away the Banshee raffle prize on Sunday. Off Road Expo expects to
give away over $50,000 in prizes donated by all the exhibitors in the show.
Sound like something you would like to be part of? Well, it sounds like it
to me.

So think about it. The admission to the show is a paltry $8. If you go to
any of a number of exhibitors who are in the show and look for a discount
flyer offering $2.00 off, it gets more affordable.

I guess my message is simple. The Expo is huge! It is on the cusp of being a
"Must be There" event for all of us in the sport.

Please plan to attend. Please come and enjoy being involved. You will see
people who will surprise you. You will feel the fun and excitement of
greeting old friends and putting new faces to names of those you have heard
about, but not yet met.

So, was this too commercial to tolerate? Or, did you get the spirit of the

"Life Is A One Lap Race!"


I'll be there with bells on! Do you know how to sign up for the banshee raffle or can you sign up at the event...time of drawing, etc.




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You can purchase a Banshee raffle ticket for $5 from a Checker near you!

Plus they will be available at the Off Road Expo from the Checkers Off Road booth.

This year the Banshee will come equipped with a custom matching trailer so be sure to bring your tow vehicle.


Reese King


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Hey guys - The Clean Up will also be there selling raffle tickets to win one of the following: A tube Bender, a $1500 gift cert to Dre or one of two hand held radios donated by Frank Hines, all tix $5 - you can also sign up to come out and clean =-)

Okay back to your regularly scheduled checker...

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Krittro Campbell
Isn't that the same weekend as Pete's Camp Poker Run? Sucks if it is.


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The poker run is the 13th of October. I'm going, regardless of the traffic situation. Does anyone know if the Tecate border is suffering the same congestion?

I'm shaking the tree boss!


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My Boss's step mom just drove throught the Tecate Boreder crossing yesterday (they retired down there) and she said it took all of about 20 minutes. She also said a freind came through in TJ and it only took about an hour and that was during a busy time. Looks as though there's nothing to worry about.



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Thanks for answering the question from BajaWaldo.
The Checker Off Road address at the Expo is 530 Rubicon Trail. Look for the street signs!



Are the drawings for Checkers and DRE, etc on Sunday night? I am going on Sunday morning and won't be there to win if I do! (wishful thinking) Do you have to be there?




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No you don't have to sign up or register - though Klaus is to make a sign up page (hint, hint) - the only reason we would like people to sign up is to know how many shirts to order and meals to pay for. As for the raffles - the winners for the clean up raffles will be picked at the clean up - (incentive to go clean up you see) but for this raffle you don't have to be present to win. HOwever, <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> has donated a 3 day 2 night stay in laughlin, along with Dirt Bagz, camburg, and others that have donated to the clean up volunteer raffle where you do have to be present to win.

BB - what is our address? =-)

The clean up is the 20th of October - i don't think there are any conflicts - but you never know.

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<A target="_blank" HREF=http://></A>[/url]


Thanks Paige, I am planning on attending the clean up as well. I didn't put 2 & 2 together (that always seems to happen) being a new dad and not sleeping much! Thanks for the info.




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The Coalition address is 118 Johnson Valley Trail
Matomi Motorsports is 115 Johnson Valley Trail
Neverlift Racewear is 116 Johnson Valley Trail
The Edge is 117 Johnson Valley Trail

I'm headed to the Sand Show for an evening of fun and gawking.

"Life Is A One Lap Race"