Off-Road Future


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I totally agree with you Scott. CORR is a different thing. The action is close
to you, so its spectator and T.V. friendly. Where the desert you see a few cars buzz
by every few minutes. Not too spectator friendly. So basically you have to love the sport. You need sponsorship to keep a big team racing. So thats why T.V. is where its at. Scott I'm sure if you had a big factory team sponsorship
say with Ford Powertrain, or Ford in general you'd be pretty set. Not completely
set but to help costs. Only how your going to do that is by exposure. NASCAR is a perfect example.
Their on every week practically. So thats maxium exposure, almost overexposed. Bottom line is, it
pays the bills. I give props to Robby for trying to get other Nascar Drivers into
the mix of offroad. That might bring the Nascar fans and possible T.V. promoters over.


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"If it became "mainstream" then they would start selling flatbill hats and SCORE jerseys at contingency! Every "prerunner" around would have a SCORE sticker because it is the"cool" thing to do even though they have never been to a SCORE race nor do they even know what SCORE stands for...hahahah. I like desert racing the the way it is." -Kritter

Amen, brother. Amen.

Keep it sideways.


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The "standardizied" stuff is more expensive. It is one off. The last couple of races they were letting the old 7S trucks race with the Lites because of poor car counts.

The rules and tech is what dilutes the car counts. They shortened the track at Crandon. Their reason is so the spectators can see everything. The real reason is the big gap of nothing going by when the trucks are on the track. In the early 90s', 25 plus class 8 trucks into turn one....

Shortening Crandon would be like cutting off half of Road America....unthinkable...