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Earlier today I saw Randalls sporttrac that was built by the bajashop.. Damn that thing looks way sick now... Hopefully he will feature it soon so I can take a better look at it.. He had glass on it, Long travel, I think King Coilovers.. Pretty bitchin, Here is a pic I found on a lowered truck site.


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Is that thing 2wd or 4wd? I can't tell from the pic. Nice truck, except for the 1/2 bed, and the Blue Oval. =) Not to mention those graphics that add at least 10-15 hp. =)


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I really don't have anything against Ford, I was just raised on Chevys. I think Ford Builds a helluva better 3/4 and 1 ton truck. But GM has the better motor/ transmission. Always a trade-off. I actually was looking through the readers rides, and saw your old Chevy. What all was done to it? After thinking things over, I'm gonna keep my 4WD, maybe do a small lift, and leave it. I'll build a class8 2WD later, after I get things settled down more. As far as graphics, I'm just really tired of Sing Sing and Doo Ling thinking that their Acura with the cut springs has 400 bhp, with the 800 bucks they spent in stickers.


PS-I don't mean offense by the above, I am making a VERY generalized statement.

Build it like a Rhino, and Leave it be.
I was just playing about the Ford comment. To each his own. I wanted affordable 4wd travel = I-beams.. Cant do it with a-arms cheap on a fullsize.. That is smart keep your truck simple and then you can tow with it.. I am in the market for a tow truck/daily driver and it will be a chevy..


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Not bad, but doesnt look useable. At first I thought that was a Fabtech truck but now I know its a Baja shop work.


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Cmon now. Everyone should own a Ford, and I'm not partial just because my family sells them either. Look at all the TT's coming out. All Fords. I heard Vidosola's and Kyle taylors will both be Fords. Smart choice, especially since Ford puts up 5000 for the win and 3000 for 2nd in BITD for the trophy truck class.

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That pic is from the SEMA show. It was parked right beside the front door to the Convention Center. I thought,for the most part, that it was well put together, but the cage was awful. The tubes were hardly notched and the joints were backfilled with the welding material. Terrible from a safety standpoint, an aesthetics standpoint, and you certainly don't want things like that on a vehicle that undergoes a lot of public scrutiny and gets a lot of press.

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Glad to see that at least a few of your readers appreciated the new look of our Sport Trac. By the way, the T-case, front diff, and front axles are gone; the truck is now a 2WD. That cage is from last year's buildup of the Sport Trac and was done at the last minute in time for SEMA 2000. It will be replaced as soon as there's time. The following caption is from our SEMA coverage for 2001 and lists the basics of the Sport Trac buildup--there will be complete coverage in upcoming issues of OFF-ROAD. See, we didn't forget about prerunners or the people who dig 'em.

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Photo 7

Unlike the “pretty” off-road trucks built by OFF-ROAD magazine’s sister publications, Truckin’’ and "Truckin’s SUV," OFF-ROAD had a killer prerunner Ford Sport Trac parked at the front door of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Resplendent in prototype Hannemann fiberglass front fenders and rear bed sides, our Sport Trac is more than capable on dirt, thanks to the Baja Shop’s scratch-built upper and lower front control arms with King coil-over shocks. The rear suspension was designed and built by Suspension Innovations, and utilizes Deaver spring packs and King dampers. Suspension travel (front and rear) is 15-plus inches. Suspension Innovations also built the front bumper with skidplate and the rear bed cage. Starbucks sprayed the American-flag-motif graphics, and the rolling stock are 17-inch-diameter APP Thunder II forged wheels wrapped with 35x12.50R17 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires.

P.S. Because of the bad feelings my previous postings generated, I've been told by my supervisors not to make comments on race-dezert.com, but just this once...


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I think the sport trac looks killer, and I personally like you posting and think it is great getting opinions from people in the media such as your self.

"We've done so much with so little for so long, we can do anything with nothing!"
Joel thanks for replying back.. Tell Randall and Jeremy to get on here themselves.. Its all in fun and no one holds grudges. I was out of line attacking you guys and you responded like anyone protecting theres would. No harm no foul.. Welcome back to the page. I look forward to seeing that photo spread on the Sporttrac.. It looked really good as I passed him.. Wish it was parked so I could have got a better look..


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In the newest issue it says SI did the cage and bumpers.

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I also would like to welcome Joel back. I would also like to get Randall's views presented within these pages as well. I think the challenges faced by your publication and our sport are quite similiar.

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I saw that truck at Hannemann's shop a few months back. It had a ghetto looking rear cage with shocks through the bed, but the had stock suspension back then. That was pre-glass, so I assume everything was added later. Sure does looks nice now. Glad to see they got rid of that temp cage.