Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2019


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Congratulations to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Class of 2019: Frank 'Butch' Arciero Jr, Lynn Chenowth, Bobby Ferro, Robby Gordon, David Higgins, and Steve Morris!

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Details Here: ORMHOF Welcomes the Class of 2019


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Still no Butch Dean...…… This has to change. I'm printing out the papers today.

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Butch would be a great addition.
Having been fortunate enough to be on past selection commitees, I would suggest you follow the application format as close possible. More content the better


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@tapped1069, Butch is certainly deserving of nomination. April is nomination month, but you can start gathering the information now.


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I think what people don't understand about the Hall of Fame is that there is a process and names aren't just picked by 3 or 4 people who decide who gets in. I mean Robby Gordon? He could have been in years ago but no one actually filled out the paperwork, did it correctly with documentation, and had their ducks in a row until this year. Even then, there are sometimes over 50 nominees that are all well deserving across everything from Competition, Industry, and Advocacy that gets whittled down to only a small handful. There are so many names that deserve a nomination, but it takes someone actually putting in the work to make it happen, and often times it's a multiyear process as it's a 3 year window. I encourage everyone to fill out paperwork and nominate someone, because it will give you a real idea of what it actually takes for a person to get inducted.