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Off-Road Race Car with Truck Body Stolen in Temecula

The Chivo

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I'm posting on behalf of customer whose race car was stolen last night off of a trailer in front of his house in the Chardonnay Hills area in Temecula off of Rancho Calif. Road. The car is a very distinguishing as it is a mid-engine rear a-arm buggy with a black gel-coat and primer colored truck body on it with a scoop over the roof. Please post any info you might have or e-mail me at [email protected]

Thank You,




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Will look out. I was riding around over there today. This car is unique. Wasn't it one of th ones you were working on for DAKAR?

The Chivo

Yes Jake it is the chassis is very similar the one that SPD did for Darren Skilton years ago. It's a mid engine, rear a-arm with adjustable toe link and has a PBS sequential in it.

mike mcqueen

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Was that the car that was at SPD a couple of months ago? The body will not be too hard to spot if reused. I would assume it will be stripped for its hard parts.

The Chivo

Yes, that's the one. It's a Racer Engineering Chevrolet sand truck body that has been modified in the front end and a scoop added over the roof.

Kelly Sik

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Hello my name is Kelly Sik, I am a Detective with the Murrieta Police Department. I am responding to warptfreestyle. They posted and left a number that is not in service. I am working info on the stolen truck. please call or contact via email.

951-461-6362 desk or [email protected]

Hey text my number I know info about this 951 491 3275[/QUOTE]