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Off road racers work as hard as professional athletes – so why not hydrate like them


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When most people think of IV’s they think of the hospital and people recovering from a serious illness or injury. However, IV therapy is now being used as the most effective way for athletes to achieve maximum performance. Racers, much like professional athletes such as long distance runners or cyclists, are under continuous physical stress. One way to reduce that stress is by properly hydrating your muscles prior to race day. Every racer intends to pre-hydrate, however the reality of race life is that it has a crazy, demanding schedule that does not allow for proper hydration. A typical racers week is spent traveling, pre-running, hours in a tech and contingency line in the brutal heat, followed by the driver's meeting that usually go well into the evening. You try to get as much sleep as possible that night, but before you know it it’s time to race and all that you have time for is a quick 12-ounce bottle of water. A 12-ounce bottle of water is not enough energy or hydration for you to perform at your peak best for the most physically demanding race of your life that usually lasts for hours. It also does not provide the critical elements/nutrients your body needs to function at peak performance. NFL teams have done this for decades before a game.

IV hydration propels fluids and nutrients directly into the bloodstream for faster, more effective results.

What exactly is dehydration? Dehydration happens when you lose more fluid than you consume. Most people think that the purpose of hydration is to prevent dehydration or to replenish electrolyte stores that may be lost via sweat. Although both of those are true, the fundamental goal of hydration is to deliver oxygen to working muscles. Hydration and the fluid you consume are a way of helping your muscles breathe, which in turn gives them the energy they need to perform. While water does fundamentally provide your body with fluid, it does not truly hydrate you. Unlike camels, humans don’t have the ability to store up vast quantities of fluid for use later on. When you drink water, it enters your stomach and is then processed by your kidneys which converts the fluid to urine and you urinate it out. However, when you hydrate with an IV the fluids are stored in your cells for use at a later time and the need to urinate is greatly reduced, which is a huge benefit to every racer! The practice of using IVs for racers is most effective when administered 12-24 hours prior to racing. This allows the fluid to penetrate the cell and be stored for use later on. When an IV infusion is utilized before an event it extends peak physical performance by ensuring your muscles have the nutrients necessary to sustain their activity. Some of the most important nutrients for athletic performance include vitamin C, glutathione, zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins. Glutamine supplementation has also been shown to improve the immunity of long-distance athletes and reduce post-race exhaustion.

I found that after I raced more than 200 miles, I would experience post-race exhaustion. My muscles ached, my stomach was always upset and I felt exhausted. I began utilizing IV infusions after I read an article about how almost every member of the NFL utilized one before game day. When IV fluids are delivered directly into the bloodstream, the fluids are completely absorbed in your cells. Your cells receive instant access to medication, vitamins, and electrolytes because they do not have to wait to be absorbed by the stomach. The bioavailability of IV vitamins and medications 100%, unlike oral hydration, where 60 – 70% of nutrients are lost in digestion before entering your circulation. After researching various vitamins and minerals and how they deliver energy to your cells, I began creating my own concoctions. In addition to the vitamins and minerals, I found that adding Pepcid (acid-neutralizer), Zofran (anti-nausea) and Toradol (non-narcotic anti-inflammatory) made the post-race hangover disappear.

The IV Hydration services will be available at the Best in The Desert Silver state race on June 26-27. Advanced reservations are required due to COVID. To make your reservations go to finishlineivhydration.com. We can administer the IV in Las Vegas at Boulder Station Friday from 11-5pm or a the Finish line in Alamo Friday night from 8-11, or Satuday morning from 6-9am.


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I don’t like to be stuck with needles...

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pfffff, you for got busting a$$ all week long with heavy a$$ toolbags& climbing harness on, stabbing taper ties on a 40 ft high burke form, Then prepping & loading thursday night before driving all day friday to Parker.just drink some more water....


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I found that after I raced more than 200 miles, I would experience post-race exhaustion. My muscles ached, my stomach was always upset and I felt exhausted.
Really.... I find about the best thing after Racing 3-400 miles is riding a dirt bike around Baja with tacos n beer for another week or so. This may be our 11th annual after the 1000 MCBT tour in Baja. If there is a 1000 this year.

Funny thing is most of us on the ride are RN’s, Firefighters, medics, or physical therapists and I don’t think we have spiked a bag once.

Strong sales pitch for a for your company and if it works for you and others either physically or mentally then go for it. It just really isn’t necessary, like your blood type on your car or suit but I gave up on that one years ago!


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Maybe you can combine the needle with LiquidAider push-button hydration system for push-button IV as you race. Yeah, probably not a good idea.


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Our race team nutritionist told all of us drink enough WATER not energy drinks, soda, coffee, tea or beer that your needing to urinate at least every 3 hours if your not.....drink more water......period then your good.
If your cramping up at any time your way low on water, if your light headed or dizzy its worse, vomiting your now in trouble, pass out it's medical attention time.
Die = self explanatory

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caffeine is a diuretic, sucks for us lifer juice chuggers, and you really dont need salt pills, thats only for diets that dont have any sodium, i read one bag of chips has enough salt for a weeks worth of sweat, my doc. said pedyilite is the best for rehydration after flu / sick ect