Off-Road TV Schedule


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Best in the Desert "Parker 425"
Wednesday, May 28th @ 8pm
Direct TV

Protrucks @ Terrible Town 250
Thursday, May 29th @ 7pm and 10pm
Direct TV


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Is OLN going to do the SCORE Trophy Truck series again this year? Haven't heard as much about it as we did the last season.


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Wow, did OLN screw up, or was the TT250 ProtruckTV not ready to be aired yet ?
All the listings and even OLN said ProTruckTV was on next, but then both times they showed the FIA Rally at Laughlin. DANGIT. Rally's cool, but I like Protrucks better.


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I checked my digital cable several times last night, Terrible Town was not shown at all. At 7pm was a rally and at 10pm nothing-a blank screen for one hour. Anyone else had trouble?????????