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Right now on channel 70 (travel channel) they are featuring all types of off-road racing---including desert racing later in the show. Just wanted to let you all know. Its 10:20pm Sunday night



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Channel 277 on Direct TV. The show was called "Extreme 4x4". It was pretty good. It had segments on mudding in Arkansa, Rock crawling in Utah, and they followed Steve Barlow in the Red Bull Protruck at the Baja 500. Each segment was about 15 minutes. It was good to see desert racing on a nationally televised channel.

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Jeff- if that was good, then all the Cooters and Jethroes in Arkansas need to have their heads examined. No helmets, driving like idiots, and the FOOL who got his hand stuck in the winch should have come out of there swinging at the driver who engaged that thing while he was trying to unspool the cable. I can't believe the company who promoted that event even has insurance with all the crap they allowed. Could you imagine running that way in the desert? (I guess they do it all the time at glamis)
The desert racing was great right up the point that they almost had the protruck take out the vehicle at the road crossing. But that down south Bo and Luke Duke stuff doesn't do much for out image or the publics acceptance of what we do.


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ya, Arkansas was definetly an appropriate place for the mud stuff to be filmed. When the course designer was using "Gopher Guts" to describe the terrain, I was waiting for Jeff Foxworthy to jump out and say "You might be a redneck if...."

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The Score websight says that the "Extreme 4x4's" show featuring the 2002 Baja 500, will be airing at 10:00 pm on 2/22 and again at 1:00 am on 2/23. Those times are PST. It will be on the Travel Channel.