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"Off-roading gets official push"


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\"Off-roading gets official push\"

"Off-roading gets official push" (Riverside Press-Enterprise, 2/7/2004)
Commissioner of state off-roading division says recreation officials must pay more attention to need for off-roading areas. "About 500,000 off-road enthusiasts crowded the deserts in Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern and Imperial counties over the last Thanksgiving weekend, giving a portent of the swelling interest." California supplies 'abundant land for golf courses, tennis courts, soccer fields and baseball diamonds but not enough for 'off-highway vehicles, the most exciting sport,' he says. The impact on public land is going to be tremendous in the next 10-15 years..."


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Re: \"Off-roading gets official push\"

That's what we need to hear more of at all levels.