Off topic: Truck leafs on a trailer


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Anyone ever use a set of take off truck leaf springs (and shocks) on a trailer?

I’m building my second camping trailer. Sold the first a couple years ago when my life got shaken up.

I just had a set of deaver spring under leafs put on my truck.

The take offs are 4 leaf dual rate leafs. They are 53 inches long, with a 4 inch shackle.

The top 3 leafs measured at 175# combined (Roughly using online Calc) and the main overload was 580# ish. (These leafs would just bounce the rear end horribly)

They netted about 10 inches travel.

Since I have them and I’m building another camping trailer, I figured id run them and the stock truck shocks. But I am having a hard time finding anyone who has done this. Most trailer leafs are shorter than 27 inches and give 5 inches of less travel.

Anyone have any insight?

jon coleman

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trailors dont like shocks, thats all i know.that& the rear axle on some mini vans( front wheel drive, ), make good low drop motorcycle tailors.


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My last trailer, a m101a2 that I built on, had shocks and was pretty decent. (I regret selling that the second the new owner hooked it up)

Every decent Offroad trailer I’ve ever seen had shocks on it. But most were coil and shock or small leafs and shock. Just never anyone using a truck take off leaf.

This needs to be able to run the same size tire/wheel as my truck pulling it. (The hubs will be 6x6.5 which matches the suburban, and I’ll run 6x120 adapters for when it’s pulled behind the Colorado). So i won’t want it low, but a bit higher.

The bed will have a complete or 2/3 slide out with legs so it will be easy for my decrepit arse to reach every thing that needs to be.


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Not a camping trailer, but my tandem axle boat trailer has a half leaf at each wheel. Later this year, I plan on adding a damper to the floater bar. Drove it from the 909 to Ft Worth with zero issues. Tanks were dry, but the boat is ~1300lbs, plus ~1000lbs of trailer.