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Official BAP Photo Thread

mark slater

BAP Carnage Pics

Here's a few pictures I took from in front of our camp. Not sure who the 1632 driver was, so if you will PM me I can email better photo's.

Also wanted to thank Cameron Steele and Josh Daniels for the freestyle commentary and the push ups at the banquet. The Slater racing crew had a great time.



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Re: BAP Carnage Pics

those a gnarly pics of both Byron Ziegler #1632 and justin "Bean" smith #1699...

glad you got the shots but I am more appreciative that all occupants in the cars are okay!


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[/QUOTE]It was great meeting you guys - next time, hopefully a little different ;) :D You really are class acts and with a great outlook and demeanor![/QUOTE]

LOL Thanks for the tow, wish the weekend could of been better but hey, thats racing.!!! you guys put on a great race def will be back, first SNORE race and def not my last! hopefully see ya at the mint if all goes well. thanks again!!!:D