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Official Rage at the River Thread


Looking for a better shot of me getting silly off that first bump, first lap on Saturday.

519 all black, heat 5

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harleys dad

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its amazing how all that stuff gets controlled and doesnt just rip out of there. That stuff is heavy

B. Everett

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how'd you do Brandon?
I was doing pretty good. The rear torsions are still breaking in. What a pain in the ass that is. But I broke the new rack again. And also another lower Foddrill trailing arm. I didn't hit anything, so I'm not sure what happend. Ready for front bypasses to soften the blow!! The car really works good, now if I can get the driving part there!!!


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I did the instant images 100.00 race coverage and am happy with the results. I got 33 images for my use from the 2 days of racing.