Official SCORE Baja 1000 thread - 2014


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The SCORE site says it will be on the front page of the site all day until the race ends with 2.5 minute updates. I can't find anything else.


Once the race starts we will look for links to race tracking and also for any video or audio streams. Those links will make it into post#1 of this thread.

Also this thread is in "live" mode. Any new posts will be added to the thread without you having to hit refresh. Just sit back and let it scroll by.


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Good luck too all the Navigators, Drivers and Chase Crews. Be safe, give me some Food pics on your travels down the most beautiful part of our Planet. Baja, Mexico.


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Currently down in Baja south. Was there any important info released at drivers meeting. Thanks in advanced.


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Isn't there an IRC tracker site?? Works for BITD... Why is it Roger takes over and it goes away?? Been watching the Baja like this for years.... Couple times it has given pit crews a mile to look for there broken

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Score international has a couple live streaming links, one is Ustream..
Are they gonna atleast stream the start and finish? I think cbs is not letting them do any more live streaming after what happened at sema i don't even bother with dirt live had me all excited to watch qualifying and ended up having to wait for people to post vids on fb.


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Glad I am here in Baja... At least we have the RDC forum still. Sucks so bad without RDC having the LIVE coverage and WM feed like years ago. Miss ya down here Klaus11!