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Everyone who makes it to the Pomona show this weekend will see a poster at the entrance. It will direct you to the booth next to Donahoe's. There you will find memorial books to be sent to the families of the 386 missing Firefighters from the NYFD. I am asking everyone to stop by and sign these books, leave whatever messages you want (and sign more than one book if you can). I will also be asking EVERY exhibitor to take a book or two with them back to their shop, or team, get it signed, and mailed back to me. My goal is to give everyone in the offroad racing community the opportunity (as a group) to express themselves to the victim's families. I hope to get all 386 books signed and sent to New York by Thanksgiving. I estimate I'll need between 150,000 and 200,000 signatures. This project will not happen unless the word gets out, and EVERYBODY, including the kids, comes by. You will not be asked for donations, just a moment of your time, and a little of your hearts for a good cause..... Thank you.

Tom Willis


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We will have the books at the CORDR (Coalition of Off Road Desert Racers) booth. Tom has a great idea and I hope many people will sign the books....also stop by for info about the October 20th clean up in Barstow...
Remember kudos to Tom for the American Flags at Primm-he paid for those to be printed himself...that was very cool of you, Tom.


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My cousin is incharge of the American Sand Association's poker run in Glamis on Halloween weekend the 27-28 of Oct. I'm sure he would be more than happy to put some of those books out for people to sign and then I could mail them back to you....Let me know

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Tom, Great idea. Since we are on the subject, I'm working with the LAFD right now, they are selling FDNY shirts with the firemans prayer on the back for $15.00 each. All the proceeds are going to aid the victims families. If all goes well, I'll have about 100-200 shirts for sale at the "Racers Only" booth. I would really like to sell out so I can turn over ALL the money to the families. As you all know, I'm a fireman in Arizona, so this hit pretty close to home. We lost a lot of our brothers that day (and lots of other innocent people), this is our way of thanking them.


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Just wanted to THANK Tom Willis for this effort and the flags at Primm. Tom called me ahead of time and asked my opinion. I said you're awesome just for caring enough to do both these good deeds. I will also be at the CORDR booth next to Donahoe Racing and hope ALL OF YOU will come by and sign the books. Tom again has paid for this out of his own funds. When all the books are signed we will be working on the means to get them mailed to New York. I hope Tom can count on the businesses in the racing industry to kick in some postage money at that point. I know Miller & Cannon, CPA will be the first to help him out. I'm sure many of you will follow our lead. RIGHT ON TOM!! See everyone at the Expo.