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Offroad Lights


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I was wanting your guys opinion on this. I'm thinking about getting some lights in the future for my Chevy Silverado 2010. I know that I would get the Defiant Light bar to mount the lights but i'm not too sure on which lights i'd get. I'm really liking the rigid led light bar but i'm also looking at the Baja Designs 6" HID prerunner lights. I basically need the lights for the dark country roads at night. My lights now hardly even light up the road. If you guys have any other lights you would suggest that would be great.


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Go with the Baja Designs, they are reliable, durable, and BRIGHT!


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Alright sweet thanks for the info! Baja Designs Stealth XPG 10" LED Light Bar 3,500 Lumens $430. Rigid 10" Light Bar 3,600 Lumens $400. I'm thinking about the Rigid light bar its cheaper and you also get more Lumens.


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Rigid IS Kick butt, the reflector technology is great.

for HIDS, Baja Designs are hands down a very good product.

Black Knight Lighting

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Check out Black Knight Off Road Lighting!!


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I run a Defiant bar with 3 Baja Design lights - the 8" La Paz....I mounted a long range unit in the center and two Driving beams on either side for a overall lighting package...This works great and although it's not a full race type setup, for off-road chasing, pre-running and dark roads in the middle of no-where it rocks!....



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Tyler, over time, I have gone through halogens, halogens converted to HID and HID lighting. After getting tired of burned-out ballasts, "hot-spots", etc... I decided to go with LED lightbars. I bought some (LED's) for a current build I am doing but after seeing the quality of the light's construction, light pattern and overall "packaging", they "needed" to be on the prerunner also. I went with Rigid Industries, besides the quality of the lights, their customer service has been pretty awesome; whenever I asked "can you do this or that...", their reply has always been "no problem, we can make it happen"... Customer service and standing behind your product is a valuable thing.

To give you an idea, here are two pics... the first is a pic of the dual 40" bars on the prerunner. The second is with only 1 bar turned "on" and in the middle of the day... the light is VERY impressive.



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There are definitely advantages to LED when it comes to pattern, having no hot spots has major advantages.

Nice build DesertGuy....I will take more of those pics if you have them....

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