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Jun 7, 2001
Southern California
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Our friends in Utah need our help. The unfair influence that the Sierra Club wields in Washington D.C. is attempting to drastically shift the management of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Utah. The stage is being set to manage all "roadless" areas as "non-motorized". If allowed to take hold in Utah, this could set a dangerous precedent for future management of all forests. We have only got one week to try and save many wonderful roads and trails. Please send a letter by November 1.

SITUATION: The Wasatch-Cache National Forest is amending their Forest Plan. (Information at: [<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.fs.fed.us/wcnf/>http://www.fs.fed.us/wcnf/</A>] When the draft alternatives were released for initial public comment, most of us thought the Forest Service (FS) would "split the baby" so to speak and select one of the balanced alternatives. It didn't happen that way. Perhaps because of the intense pressure that the Sierra Club brought to bear on the process, or perhaps because the FS actually believes that "pre-European" or "pre-Columbian" is a desired condition for the forest. Whatever the reason, the preferred alternative (alternative 6) took a drastic turn toward the extreme preservation alternatives. If preferred plan is implemented we will all be robbed of a national treasure.

WHAT TO DO: COMMENT LETTERS ARE NEEDED URGENTLY. Below are some comment suggestions. The deadline is set for November 1. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO....

Wasatch-Cache Planning Team
8226 Federal Building
125 S. State Street
SLC UT 84138

E Mail: To: Wasatch-Cache Planning Team C/O [kamurray@fs.fed.us] DO NOT forget to include your snail mail address if you send an email.

Dear Planning Team, My family uses vehicles for access and recreation on National Forest lands. Off-Highway-Vehicle use is a legal, appropriate and wonderful way to view and enjoy our public lands. I support maintaining the existing opportunity for OHV use on the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. I recommend the Forest Service adopt alternative 5 since it is the alternative that comes closest to keeping the existing opportunity for our use and enjoyment of the forest.

Other Comment Suggestions:

Managing "roadless" areas as "non-motorized" is inappropriate and unacceptable. To do so is contrary to even the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. I strongly object to the assumption that "roadless" should automatically mean non-motorized management.

Additional Semi-Primitive Motorized (SPM) areas need to be added. Please provide for a quality ATV system on the Logan Ranger District (one is desperately needed!). The single track motorcycle trail system is inadequate for even the current need and must be expanded.

26% of the forest is currently Wilderness. That is enough. I do not support further wilderness designations for the Wasatch-Cache.

The Preferred Alternative needs to address the following issues associated with the increase in the popularity of OHV use:
1. Adequate Opportunity
2. User Education
3. Proper maps and signage
4. Enforcement
All are key ingredients that the Planning Team has left out. I support the development of new ATV and single track motorcycle trails to address the current and future need.

The Providence Canyon quarry should be available for a challenge park type of designation. It is a perfect area for rockcrawling, observed trials and other events. Please change the MPC and ROS designations to permit this to be a designated "open on designated routes and areas".


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