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OHVer buys land in Utah


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Moderator's Note:

The below is an indication of what can be done by people that are
committed. Please note a key phrase: "...keep it open FREE of charge
as long as he can..."

Owning property has obligations that requires funding. It is
encouraging to hear the commitment from this group to keep the area
open. I encourage recreationists to recognize this generosity and
help make sure the area does remain open.


Bad news: The state of Utah put the Helldorado 300 acres property up for
sale. When no one came through, they put it up for auction. The Upper
Helldorado, a part of the 300 acres, was sold to a private individual.

Good news: This private individual is a committed 4 wheeler, owns BFE Films
and wishes to turn it into an OHV park and keep it open FREE of charge as
long as he can.
When he found out the property was being put up for auction, he put together
a group of guys who were willing to go in on the purchase with him. With no
other bidders, they won the auction handily.

Kudos to Jeremy Parriott and his group!!!!

John Stewart
Director, Environmental Affairs
United Four Wheel Drive Associations, http://www.ufwda.org


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Hum, either that info isn't accurate or the info I got isn't accurate. What I got was that during the bidding there was an EcoNazi group also bidding. The OHV people bid up to what they had and were out bid. Word went out that they needed more and a private individual stepped up and wrote a rather large check, which put the bid beyond what the EcoNazi's funds could match.