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Old Class 13 / Class 8 Truck Identification

Long time lurker, first time post...

I found a old race truck locally, was last raced/owned by Sky VanDalsen. Can anyone shed a light on it's previous history?

Looks to have been converted from Quarter Elliptical to coil over rear, and came with beams in the front.




CYS Motorsports

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What are your plans with it?
Not 100% sure yet.. Would like to put it back together with the front beams.
Think the rear would need to be converted back to leafs to race in any class in MORR.. maybe the "Great Lake Super Trucks" series would have something if it happens.

CYS Motorsports

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Yeah I was going to say, if you converted it back to leafs, and grafted stock frame rails on the front of the truck, it'd be a good candidate for my class, Super Stock.

I hope the Great Lakes Super Truck series takes off.


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Oddly enough, I was looking through an old Crandon fan program I found and sure enough, that truck (and that driver) were listed under Pro 2 entries. Though I don't ever remember seeing it race, it evidently was making laps around Crandon in the late 90's.

PDANK Racing

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From the looks of it, that truck wouldn't be legal for any Lucas midwest class, only option would be MAORA who races mainly in Indiana https://www.facebook.com/maoraracing/. Low car counts, but much cheaper and you get more seat time. I've always wanted to run their 3 hour enduro race.