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I know a lot of you probably do not like the old forum very much, but i post on both forums and really like the old one. I know there was a lot of trash talk and BS but some of the things that were on it were very informative and it was a lot easier to post on that one than this one. I wish Klause would think about opening it up for posting again. Anyone agree?

John Bitting

We dont think the old forum was very useful lately and looks real bad not only to our sponsors but to everyone reading it, and it was embarrassing. If you post on it and leave your real name it should be on the page. I will look for it. If you post on it and leave an alias this is why it is shutdown and we will know that too, Our only other step was to come right out and tell everyone who the trash talkers are, or shut it down, we opted for #2. If you read mine or Klaus's e-mail in one day we will recieve over 50+ complaints. We got tired of it...... Sorry, we cant please everyone with our "free" site..


Carlos Danger
I`m an advertizer and I liked the old board.Hope it goes back up.


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all the folks who are whining because they can't anonomously trash folks on the old board, get an aol account and go to a chat room where that stuff belongs. it doesn't belong on a site that is trying to promote this sport. if you want to sling crap, do it where it belongs. everyone was worried when the 'who is the best fabricator' thread was posted in 2.0. guess what? it worked! nobody got pissy and no feelings were hurt. people stated their opinions and others respected them for what they were-opinions. no trash talk, no personal attacks, just mature talk. what this sport needs and deserves. quit whining because you have lost one of your outlets for immature behavior.

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I agree the old board was a bunch of trash talk, and I was caught up in it all also. There was no real info on off-road. It was a 6 to one ratio on trash talk to race news. I'm glad its gone. Lets get back to real issues......