Old Man Dirt


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Happy Birthday You Cranky Catheder wearing Bastard.....they sell a little pill that will stop that leek and get rid of that hose ........ask about it at the senior center all the guys at the shuffel board court are using it :D

oldman dirt

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What can I say ? Won't be able to get those pills for a couple of days, I tried to take out a wooden fence Sunday on my bi-weekly mountain bike training ride. Between Wed and Sat someone put up a 2x4 fence across a firebreak road we ride, right after a hard right turn. I hit it at 40plus, and did take it out. My two buddies jumped over me as I laid there. Severly bruised kidneys, Camel back moved up and saved my head, along with my helmet which is cracked, and its a moto helmet not a plastic cereal bowl, so I am not moving real fast or far---------------back looks like some one slapped me with a 2x4 from my right shoulder to my **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME**.
They wanted to admit me but I wasnt peeing blood yet and I have a car to finish. Pain is only a feeling, and every one says I dont have any anyway---------------------

Andrea said at least you remembered !!!!!!!!!