Old patch collection


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I just recently obtained these and fiquered i would show them on race-dezert. I have Every Parker 400 race from 1984 to 91 and 93,95 and 97 Parker race. Two Mint 400 Patches from 1986 and 89 (my Brother has the 87 one). 88,89,95 Fireworks 250. 1994 San Felipe 250. 3 score patches. 2 Nissan 400 patches 1990 and the other don't know. 4 HDRA membership patches and a sticker "Dirty entertainment at it's best." 1988 Mohave 250, 1993 and 94 score Gold Coast 300 and las vegas 250, 1 laughlin patch from 1995, 2 BFG tire patches and one Big BFG racing patch. If you have any others Post em up.


harleys dad

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How ironic that you brought this up, I was looking in my dresser today and found my bag full of race patches, buttons and dash placks. All these date back to Riverside 1975 and has so many Mint 400 patches and placks, a few 1980 mint 400 buttons that were the pitpass/ I found some rare ones from the mexicalli 300 in 1978, a slew of different Score patches including the very rare these days that had a cab over camper along with the buggy and motorcycle. I have a bunch of stuff in that bag that has not scean the lite of day in a loooong time. I didnt spend a whole lot of time, but I pulled out some patches from the 70s and 80s. I pulled one from the HDRA Imperiel 300 from 1979 or 1980(I forgot what year). I thought about having some of the real old ones ironed onto my driversuit, just for the heck of it.


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I was thinking about putting some on a jacket or framing all of them and hanging it on my wall. Because a jacket could get ruinned but if you where it at races every ones gona notice. But i think frraming it would be better. What do you guys think?


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My favorites are mounted in a 3D frame. I have the first "Mexican 1000" in 1967, the first Baja 500 in 1969, and both the 1974 Baja 1000 and Mint 400 patches (which many people know are rare ...and the reason why they are rare.) They are in my office otherwise I would post photos.


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here are a few of mine i have about 1000 plus patches


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I remember getting a bunch of patches at one of the very last Fireworks races.Someone was giving them away for free in contingency and I picked up quite a few of them myself.