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old race videos wanted


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Im looking for some copies of older ESPN / 2 race videos

89-90 Parker 400
89-95 Barstow 250 Fireworks.

If anyone has all or any of these let me know how I can get copies.



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Doug I got a shitload of those.

We'll have to hook up and make some copies


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If anybody is interested, my dad had a lot of 8mm film of old races. Lots of photage from the Riverside races when they ran the entire property. Has Stoppe's bronco, single seat Jeeps, etc. Also some races from California City with Wampus Kitty's, Funco's and even a shot of a '67 VW single cab truck all baja'ed out. If someone can put these old films on video, you'd have about 2 hours worth of tape. Other races are one in the Santa Ana Wash where 2 cars race at the same time up different lanes, then come back down the other lane, and the same type of racing from Orange County Raceway during Bug-in's 1 & 2. Does anybody remember these races? Anyway, if anyone is interested, let me know and we'll set it up.