Old TMAG VW truck?or where are they now


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Alot of folks here may not be old enough to remember, but back in the 70s Bill Savage(TMAG ) built a VW truck(dual cab) out of a late 60's model Type 2.

It was silver, had a full roll cage, race seats and I think a TMAG body lift or spindle lift of some sort. It also had the TMAG logo on it.

Does anyone know if its still around or if anyone knows Savage to ask him its whereabouts?

I know it was featured in Hot VWs back in the 70's but after ll\ooking thru all my fathers Hot VWs back issues, I couldnt find it???



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I know the class 5 car was for sale in Hot VW's about a year ago. I think it had all the same specs as featured in the magazine. I belive it was warehoused and Bill was the person selling it. As for the double cab, I have no idea, that goes way back in time, I was still riding a BMX bike to school. Try calling SCORE 818.225.8402 to get a hold of Bill.

Anybody else?


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I'm pretty sure the VW-truck your talking about was blue. I'm almost positive I have that issue at home. If I do, I'll e-mail you the issue month/date and the spec's. Unknown about the where-a-bouts

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a buggy racer up in Washington has an old VW pickup race truck. He goes by the name GDRBO on Dune-Buggy.com. Nice guy and an old time racer. he has posted pic's of the truck before. maybe the one you are looking.

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the silver transporter wasnt a race truck but a parts runner I heled build that one as well as the first class 11 car at TMAG where I worked for Bill. I also painted both cars , 12 coats of hand rubbed acrylic lacquer....