On Race Car Numbers


In those classes where the driver can choose his car number and then stick with it for a season or two… What does the number you pick mean to you?
Number one we all understand.. It is the previous seasons champion being crowned.

Is it a date? Perhaps the birth year or your kids or your own? Maybe Gematria where you spell out letters into numbers (Ken Blocks 43 is 4=D and 3=C and it stands for DC Shoes).

Share your number secrets

J Prich

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We’ve raced our truck in two classes...2000 (HDRA days) and then 7100 in BITD. As an active duty military dude at the time (retired now) the money for the build, etc was based on the income from my job. Hence “Tax Payer Funded” Racing. We ran 2096 and then 7196 because 1996 is the year I joined the military.


jon coleman

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94, numbers from my mx racing junk pile i had laying around(' X',drivers school racer- rookie), then my next ride was 17, easiest to do,change at the track if needed
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When I built my first race car I was a 2 seat with a 2232 vw motor so it was a class 2, my business we make machines for the manufacture of computer chips and in that era 256k ram was state of the art so ”256”.
my race partner Don Angel some how managed to blow that motor up testing and he had a class 10 1650vw so we became “1056”. Years later when I went to Protruck it was “256” in SCORE and “1256” in BITD. When I went to TT, well you guessed it “56”. 36 years of 56 because I was too cheap to buy more numbers.


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When we first raced class 10 a cop friend Suggested 1097 as 10-97 was the police call For arrived on scene. Stuck with 97 when we went to class 12 so were 1297/1197. Raced the dirt bike under 97 and O97 and then last year raced NORRA as 97 as well.


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Back in the 70’s when my dad started racing off-road he took number 44 because Richard Petty had #43. obviously different racing but Petty was his guy. My dads friend took #45 that he still races with it in scca today. Fast forward to ‘15 as a throwback I chose his actual #44 plate for norra which our late neighbor artist painted. We took the patina and all for the tshirt design. now that I’m racing class 9 with my kids we are #944 with the same font.



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Richard Petty. Used to try to get 43 in little league , pee wee football etc etc. my dad was not into racing at all when i was a kid. After years of trying my youngest finally told football coach its 43 for sr year or i am out. He got it. All league offensive player if year and all league defensive POY. They couldnt tell him no 😊.


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When we started racing class 1, my wife Shelby Reid was born in January 1968, hence 168. BITD was 1568. When our son Cody started racing we carried it over to 968, 1268/1168 (BITD), and then 1068.

Dave Cole 4454

My dad was number 54 playing college basketball. I was 54 playing college football.

When I started racing it made even more sense.. "Car 54 where are you?"

Then some idiot came up with 4400 numbers so switched to 4454.

My son has has raced 4654, 4754, 4854, and now 4454 as he has moved up in classes.

PDANK Racing

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First shortcourse truck i bought was already 569, moved classes and went to 869, since 803 was already taken(3 is my lucky #, and always been a Dale Sr fan). Bought a different car, already #699, so stuck with it. Moved classes again and went to 199, was going to have 169 for my new car, but my lazy kid didn't want to go racing, so stuck with 199. Just built my 9 and 11 yr old daughters a rzr170, also 199. pretty much has to be dividable by 3 i guess lol.


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When my grandma was racing gokarts, her number was 63. So when my dad started racing, he was number 36, so they only had to buy 3 sets of numbers (Grandpa and Aunt were 64 and 46). He's ran that number since, so our 9 car is 936.

So it all stems from Grandma's number.