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Open Desert Instruction Experience


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I'll be in LasVegas 9/13-17 with some time on my hands.
Looking to find an open desert off road experience of some kind.
I did the SunBuggy thing about ten years ago and already have plenty of time in UTV's.
There are a couple of places that advertise online but one is closed and the other, "Doesn't do that any more."
Do you have a few buggies and want to rent one for a half day or a full day and go out for a ride?
Let me know.
I'm 58 with a SCCA hillclimb license, 10+ years in race Miata, current car is a Civic Type R.

McCredie A

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Maybe try Speed Vegas. They have an off road program. I know a few people involved and they have desert racing experience.


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Thanks - but - NOPE!
They are another one that shows it as a current option on their website but when you call its, "No."


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They were bought out by LVORR and they are one of the ones that advertise it as an option but don't actually offer it.
I'm not paying $600 to drive 10 (yes that is 10) miles on an off road track.
That seems like just about the time you might really start to get a feel for things.

jon coleman

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rent a jeep, buy lottsa ins. and hit the dunes, superstition, plaster city, thats what i used to do .cant believe there are No off road( desert) type driving programs


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TrophyLite has a pretty bad ass off-road experience and can hold a day in the desert pretty much anywhere. We were just in Apex Az with a bunch of road racers who like to get dirty every once in a while. The weekend before in Barstow, CA. We have some info here on the website - TrophyLite House Rentals but Jason is scheduling folks all of the time so give him a call for specifics. (623)570-0474.



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2nd vote for Trophylite. Fun trucks, great suspensions, you drive the same trucks that are rented and win races. Great people...