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Open House? Hotdogs, soda? HELP!!!!


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So I need a little help from the familia here. Ive recently aquired a job at a local Motorcycle shop in El Cajon. Im helping with advertising and various shop duties. Since we moved to our new location business has been non existant. I understand that it takes awhile to get guys in the door and get everyone knowing where the new shop is. What do you ugys in the bike world want to see in a shop? At a shop? what draws you in to a dirt scooter joint?

I would like to throw a huge grand opening party with hotdogs and sodas for all that come and get people moving through to see the new place. Whats your thoughts? Would you local guys come?

I dont know what bike guys want so here is your chance to tell me! Thanks for any input. Sorry if this is pushing the line with a commercial listing Klaus. Ill make it up to you later! :eek:


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FiberwerX hosted a great open house party at our new location a few years back.

We co promoted the Open House as a DRIVE Race Drawing Party complete with Live Music, Thousands of Dollars in Raffle prizes with proceeds going to CORVA, Carlos from Baja Pits was manning the Carne Asada Taco BBQ. We also had a vendor row, and lots of cars and trucks on display.

All of this was arranged through personal networks and working relationships. Brain Binkert from Bink Designs put in a lot of man hours making all of the arrangements.

No event can ever receive its full potential unless you operate Pre & Post Event PR. Make sure to utilize visually appealing graphics. And take advantage of community press, local papers, & Radio.


maybe get with district 38 or some motorcycle club deals and market yourself through them?


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D38 racers could always use a shop's help! By the way, first race of the season is this Sunday out in Plaster City. Check it out if you're available, and spread the word.. what shop would this be?


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Is it RND's new place? I would totally stop by and check it out. Are they hiring? ha Having trouble finding a job :/

If it has better prices then motoworld then i love the place :) haha.


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RND Motorsports is the shop im working with.

New location off Marshall in el cajon.

We are working on getting the trailers wrapped and get out to the races. There is a discount program for racers.

Would D38 racers be interested in a baja pits type deal? We bring the man power and knowhow to help you guys pit during races? Free of charge or very very low cost.

Thanks for all the input guys. This all helps me alot.


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Had a feeling you were talking about RND... Rick has been out there a lot recently. Cool guy and even sponsors a few racers down there, if I'm not mistaken.


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From what I gather he was really big with the mexico quad teams. Then when the economy hit he didnt have the money or resources to give them. Once they lost there ride they moved on. So now we want to get back to that level. We want to get back into the racing side and help the racers. But that takes money flow through the retail and service side first. I have no fear. We are getting back to that point its just going to take some hard work rebuilding it.

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Those days are gone. No more fun money to sponsor guys. The baja pit style thing is not really needed for short races like d 38. Just provide good service and word of mouth will get you work. These days people can't afford to pay someone to fix their bikes. I wish you guys luck.

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Business is just slow everywhere i don't think its just the location change, 38 will have some races on private land this year that would be a good opportunity to put up a booth, I think your web page is down might want to work on that:)