Operation Green Out !!


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Check out this link.....and go to the brochure you can print out in Adobe Acrobat.......this is great stuff !!

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.accountabilitynow.net/greenout/index2.html>http://www.accountabilitynow.net/greenout/index2.html</A>

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Here's a highlight.........

Here's what one of the leading Greens has to say about the American people and this battle:

"I think we're smarter than the opposition...We're better educated and I put my money on the smart minority rather than the dumb majority."

The wealthy elitist who said this, during an interview about his leadership and financial backing of environmental groups, is CNN media mogul Ted Turner. Turner refers to the American people as the dumb "opposition", meaning he's on one side and we're on the other. Turner thinks they're smart and we're dumb. We're not dumb but we've been too trusting.