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Opinions for Floating Rear Hubs


I have a 3.5" Camburg rear end that I am looking to put floating hubs on. Not trying to spend a ton of money. It is in a 76 Bronco being built for play prerunner style. Any opinions on Currie unit bearing ends. Also looking at Schreiner's 35 spline outers. Any opinions or other ideas? Solid industries also has a decent kit with D60 hubs. Thanks,


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Presume you bought a housing without snouts so you are free to look at all options?

I've been using Spidertrax unit bearings on the front of the race bronco for a while now.
They are available in both 40 spline and 35 spline and have proven very tough and easy to use.
If I were building a prerunner I would use them on the rear.
Spidertrax also sells the mounting flange to weld into the rear end housing.
The unit bearing design is based on the Ford F450 but made from stronger materials.
Floater end cups for 3.5" housing are $249 3-1/2 in. Housing Ends, Mild Steel
Then the unit bearings for 35-spline and 5x5.5 are $599 Spidertrax Ultimate Unit Bearing (5 on 5-1/2" x 5/8" Studs)

Another lower cost option is steel floater hubs from Mitler Brothers (offered in 5x5.5") but then you still need snouts.