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Ordering 930 Axles for mendola transmission.

I raised my trailing arms so the flange is the same height as the stub axle.
Came out to be 23.75 inches on both right and left. Currently my transmission is 1 inch towards the front of the car then the stub axles. from what I have read you take out .25 inch for wiggle room and that is what your axel length is.
this kit is the cheapest. but I lose out on 1/2 inch on axle. $529
23" AXLE ASSEMBLY, 930 CV Joints

I could get 23.5 axles but they cost 300 more to make my own combo.
Heavy Duty 300M Axles 23-1/2" Length 28 Splines-Porsche 930 Cv Joints

I also found a deal for a complete kit for a 24 inch axle $529
but I am assuming I would have to move my transmission forward more to fit 24 inch axles.

Can anyone tell me how far forward I would have to move my transmission to fit 24 inches. I am assuming I would need to stretch my 23.75 another .5 to hit 4.25 and fit 24 inch axles. But I am just trying not to move my transmission more then 3 inches from center of stub axles as that is when thing start to break. or so I heard.

What would you guys recommend?



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Buy the 24's. The fine somebody with a lathe to shorten them 1/2" and put the snap ring groove back in. Not hard, have done it many times.


Since your trans mounts are not finalized right now, I would just move the trans forward more.
It just looks that way from the angle. I plan on putting a skid plate attached to the tubes and there is no more then 1/2 an inch from where the skid plate will be to the bottom of the transmission. But good looking out.
Anyone know is the chomoly 930 axles are good enough for 400hp? will I land up breaking them and I should just get 300M axles. They are just 200 more expensive.
HAHA, crap so many limitations, the more I get into this project. every time I think I have a plan 2 more problems come up. at least it would be a turbo 400 so parts will be moving before the boost kicks in LOL