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Original Truggy ?


What Truggy is the original truggy.

I talked to a couple of people and they all claim to have the original first of its kind truggy. Definition truggy for this thread is front engine, solid rear axle, legal in Score c1.

Before Troy Herbst there was:

- The Moser Truggy (MDR, Yellow with blue stripes?)
- Jim McKenzies Truggy (races 1996? Laughlin in C1 and got protested for winning the long jump contest)
- The ORW truggy, don't know too much about this one.
- The former 'Carol Electric' TT ran as a truggy in MDR I think. Build by Brian Coats

Who started it all ?


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Id say maybe Micky Thompson, he had some strange front engine/rear axle
buggy creations,
or does anybody remember the"Baja Boot"?, it was a sort of jeep/ buggy
morphed thing
That was way before i ever heard the word "Truggy"


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I would either have to say mickey T. or Team Mecos. The team Mecos car was a really ugly green looking thing that didnt really resemble anything else. I think that it only ran 2 SCORE races and then was rolled over and totalled.


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It all depends on if you are talking about the car or the name. The cars were around a lot longer than the name. Some trucks were class one cars a long time ago, like the Parnelli Jones Chevrolet. Perhaps the first non-truck race car matching the brief description, was Mickey Thompson's early yellow car. It was front engine, solid rear axle. It did fairly well in it's day.

The current Truggy is still just a truck layout, without the familiar body...


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I would think the Class 1 of Mickey Thompson would qualify as the first truggy. Klaus I have a good picture of if too. I'll try to get it scanned since I want to send it to Curtis anyway. It debuted at either Parker or the Mint 400, I don't recall. Just my guess. :)



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What about the myers manx, It wasn't a truck but it had somewhat a fender over it. So what was it??????


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As I recall, the Baja Boot had Olds Toronado suspension in the rear also. It also was a rear/mid engine configuration. This would eliminate it from the Truggy catagory. Only the "yellow" Class 1 of Mickey Thompson's would qualify as a Truggy. It was at the Riverside and Mint races in the early eighties. Wherever the course smoothed out a bit, it was very fast. His "blue" car had IRS and was mid-engined, so it would not fit the catagory. His Chevy "LUV" also was mid-engined and I believe IRS...DNQ.

The Myer's Manx was a shortened and practically stock Volkswagon, under a fiberglass body.

IMHO, it is still Parnelli Jones who had the original. It was a tube framed truck but was not allowed in any truck class. This was because of the tube frame and an incomplete truck cab. The roof was made up of a very large wing (used for lift!) and was only mounted by the roll cage. (no body pillars) It was front engined, solid rear axle (center section made from solid aluminum billet!), turbo 400, SBC power.


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*I would say Robby gordons sick looking ford ranger x-cab he ran in the early ninetys. If you took off the body it would look like a truggy. They didn't have trophy truck yet so he ran class one in score. Ivan's toyota would be my other choice.

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Mickey Thompson's Aluminum Chev V8 buggy. Front motor offset to one side.

A-arms up front

Parker "around" 1985

I have a picture at home.

Will post

you should have known

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