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I have this posted on the main "Desert racing" page but it deserves to be here also. We are currently uploading old race footage from the 80's and 90's to the ORMHOF YouTube channel, please make sure to subscribe to our channel so we can start getting some traction. Not only that you get to watch some pretty good video footage captured by Steve Wiess from ESPN who donated all his footage to us.
Here's a few videos:

1990 Baja 500 Ivan Stewart and Robby Gordon helicopter footage.

1988 HDRA/SCORE season review

1987 MINT 400 raw footage

1991 Baja 500 Raw helicopter footage

1978 Mint 400

1977 SCORE Race of Champions from Riverside Raceway

1991 Parker 400 Rob MacCachren in car

Great! I wonder if Jerry Garrett will turn loose of some of his Arrow Productions footage or SCORE/HDRA events.

It is my understanding that Steve Wargo of SNT Productions lost all his masters to disasters. He had SCORE/HDRA/MTG/ADRA/WHIPLASH/SNORE and just about anything else off road in the SW on 1/2" tape, IIRC.

Last time I saw Garrett's work was an article in the NYTimes, within the last five years. I believe he and his production partner broke up a long time ago.

Wargo might have something left, he's still operating in Tempe AFAIK.


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1988 Nevada 500

Ivan Stewart in car from the 1991 Baja 1000.



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1988 Parker 400



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All awesome stuff - now to find time to watch it all.....

Thanks Rory!

Todd Z.


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1988 Riverside Off Road World Championships



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1990 Baja 500 In Car Robby Gordon Part 1

1990 Baja 500 In Car Robby Gordon Part 2