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Other raids around the world


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Thought we could have a thread on rallies other than Dakar/Dakar Series and World Cup.

Had this one arrive just before Xmas:

Algeria Rally


Just my 2 cents on what can be good and bad:


Around Algeria, which is smth different.
Should be scenic from what I remember
Promise of minimum liaisons
Not too expensive
150km autonomy for bikes and quads so maybe similar to that for SxS?
Grand Erg!!!!!


Ran just around Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge... REALLY????
Algeria. Not the safest places these days IMO
If you don't speak toad you're in trouble
Organized by Italians (nothing personal, but from all my experiences they highly disorganize anything and everything). Again, only IMO.
New event, so expect some things not to work right from the start.

Morocco Desert Challenge

Celebrates 10 years this year... ex-Libya rally

Morocco Desert Challenge


No liaison!!!!!!!!!! Nothing, zip, nada. Just race and arrive to the bivouac finish every evening, how cool is that.
Morocco - so civilized enough
Organizers are well-known and Marc Coma is part of the team
All I heard was bivouac is nothing short of amazing
Catering is real good
They have alcohol... COLD BEEEEEEERS!!! and since organizers are Belgian.. Its Belgian!!!
Older event so all rough edges polished out
Real good turnout
A lot of offers for rentals, services etc...
Various race classes so you can choose your weapon


Not cheap
Morocco again...
You should speak frog. Maybe even its Belgian penguin variety...
End of April - can be tough to get vehicles around from other events...
Return logistics are a bit complicated
Massive turnout and empty spots go real quick
Pain in the ass Moroccan customs

Will continue with other rallies later


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Please add the Dubai Baja here....someone from RDC might be attending and working to assist Mark Powell's team where he can...even if its just carrying bags and cleaning latrines...


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Please add the Dubai Baja here....someone from RDC might be attending and working to assist Mark Powell's team where he can...even if its just carrying bags and cleaning latrines...
Dubai is part of the World Cup so surely we will post separately.

Someone from RDC is not allowed next to no Nissans. 2wd only please. Mr Powell is too busy to be posting here, he should be all over bolting his new gearbox to his buggy. And bolting mine together while i am away from his shop.

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Ha! Yes, should be another new Nissan at that event! I know the guys are coming up from SA for the event because of it!

Dubai Baja is short but this time I'm doing more "holiday" for myself as well and heading over to Oman for a week before heading home...


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Some further dates and rallies:

Ha'il Rally, Saudi Arabia January 13-18
Merzouga Rally April 15-20
Silk Way Rally July 15-29
Inka Desert Challenge July 29-August 5
Atacama Rally, Chile August 11-19
Rally dos Sertoes August 18-25
Desafio Ruta 40 Nord August 25-31
Rally Jeddah TBA

And a press-release for Hail Rally, too bad we are busy and wont go.

13th HA’IL NISSAN INTERNATIONAL RALLY – January 13-18, 2018

For immediate release
Monday, January 8th, 2018


HA’IL (Saudi Arabia): Nissan will provide title support for Saudi Arabia’s Ha’il International Rally, the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation’s flagship off-road event, for the fifth successive season. The 13th event of its kind takes place on January 13-18 through the north-central deserts of the Kingdom.

Local driver Essa Al-Dossari is relishing the start of the event and is targeting outright victory in a Nissan Navara through his new team, ED Racing. The car was prepared and tuned in South Africa and Al-Dossari will be co-driven by Ali Al-Reed.

“ED Racing is a new team with three members,” said Al-Dossari. “I have been in rallying since 2002 and used to participate in Group N. I finished all my races within the top five. Now I am participating in cross-country rallies. I started in the T2 category but I am now in T1 with the Nissan Navara.

“I am looking forward to challenging for the overall win in the Ha’il Rally. Our current plan is to participate in Ha’il, the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and the Dubai Baja. We may also take part in other rounds as well. This is my first participation in the Ha’il Rally. My co-driver is well known, experienced and has competed several times before in this event, so that will be to my advantage.”

The rally will be staged under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Ha’il, President of the Supreme Commission for Ha’il Development and the Head of the Supreme Commission of the Ha’il Rally.

As in previous years, the rally headquarters and service area will be located at the Maghawat Conference Centre on the outskirts of Ha’il. Competitive action takes place on January 15-18.



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Sahari Rally

30 October to 11 November 2018

Another rally in Algeria, so whatever I said about Algeria Rally will apply (security, language constraints etc.).

However on the bright side - cheapest entry (800 euros per person early bird rate). No international license needed. Raid class for those who want the adventure. Cars, bikes, SSV, trucks... Grand Erg... Starts and finishes in Oran - 2nd largest city, lots of things to see outside the race and birthplace of rai music (think Sting - Desert Rose).

Sahari Rally - Rallye d'Algérie