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Our monster Jeep build!


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Thought I would share our new build. Built by Exile Fabrications. Jeep TJ full tub, partial tube chassis, LS1 stroker (CBM), TH400 (Maximum Transmission), Spidertrax axles, Raceline Monster 20x10 wheels, 42x13.5x20 BFG Projects, Wilwood brakes, CBR radiator and coolers, Fox coil overs and triple bypass on all four corners, outboard trailing arms and four link in the front, 30 gl fuel cell, Rugged intercom and VHF radio and air pumper Twisted Stich pro seats, Simpson harnesses. Etc..............

Full detail pictures of the build

Custom Jeep Build | RallyeX | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.



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Wow! That's going to be one happy customer

Slippery P

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Saw it at KOH, it's a beautiful well built rig! The welds are top notch.


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Not a huge fan of jeeps normally but with rigs like this change my perspective. Great job looks beautiful

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