Outages today


Our datacenter has global issues hence you are or have been experiencing RDC slow/timeouts today.



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I feel that this site is always running kinda slow. what size instances are you running? any thoughts to switching to AWS?


The site is still on a single machine in conjunction with cloudflares cdn.

All year i work on design and function of the sire and then switch to the delivery. Its two different worlds and i don't approach them in parallel rather alternating.

A hosting evaluation and most likely switch is on the roadmap.


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Is it just my "machine" or are we running really slow the last couple days??

Curtis Guise

Something to try, if you are both hard wired and on wifi try turning wifi off and see if there is a difference. I've gone back and forth on mine when the site runs slow (and some other sites) and its instantly faster when only hard wired, or with wifi on. Very weird. But I've had some weird stuff happening with my internet for awhile now.