Outboard Boat service?


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Does anybody have good recommendations for a boat mechanic? I have a Tracker with a 150hp outboard. Boat has been sitting for a few years in my shop and I would like to take it out finally this year! I don't want to worry about getting the fam all ready and loaded up, take the time away from work, and head out to the water only to end up pissed with a boat load of problems. For sure it needs a full service, tuneup, and possibly an actuator because the last time i took it out (5 years ago) it would hold the engine at set trim. Also like every other penny pincher on here I don't wanna end up spending the same amount as buying another boat.

I am in Palm Springs, so the closer the better.

Josh 8

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Skip Davis at Percision Marine in Redlands.


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If it's a 2 stroke you better find out if it's legal to put in the water most places they are banned