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Over the boot riding pants


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I've seen many baja racers using over the boot pants. What is your recommendations for those? Nobody locally sells those, so thanks for your help.


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There are quite a few good ones out there. Klim on sale is almost a no brainer. Look for Kevlar or similar on the inside of calf. It is always hot and will burn anything else. Many of the pants vent, so decide what you want....Usually both if you ride in the spring and fall.

Watch out for the cuffs. They can get hung on the foot pegs if too blousy. Older pants (Belstaff) always had buckles or Velcro to eliminate that. Duct tape fixes that but dumb for a set of pants that are usually $$$. It is almost never a pleasant experience getting stuck.


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I've tried over the boot more then once and given up for good. As ISDT above states they do get caught on the pegs, kicker, sticks, etc. None of the built in Velcro or straps have helped me. I have 3 requirements for pants, in the boot, vented, and pockets, KLIM has been my choice for years, one pair Dakar, one pair Mojave, until the next clearance sale. #klimlife