Pad opinions? Porterfield r41?


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I have a 5200# truck with 104# whee tire combo. 330 hp and 290-300 tq (8 speeds with 2 OD gears it seems lol, and 4.56 gears)

I am running a stock 4 piston caliper which uses a decent sized pad, and a rotor that is 12.19 and 27mm thick front . And 12.34 and skinnier rotor out back. I plan on replacing with stoptech slotted rotors.

I reached out to porterfield about a r4 pad to be made and they mentioned the r41 pad.

There are not a lot of readily available pads for my caliper. So the couple of manufactures out there only offer their street friendly, quiet no dusting pads that fade out with the slightest heat.

Has anyone experienced the r4-1? What are you guys finding is a good pad material?