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Monday, June 17, 2002 at 9:00 am the Nye County Nevada Board of Supervisors
have a scheduled meeting in Pahrump to take under consideration a petition by
a group of citizens of Beaty Nevada to BAN ALL Desert Off Road Racing in the


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Future on off-road racing on commission agenda

By: RICH THURLOW, Editor June 14, 2002

The future of off-road racing in Nye County could be on the line when the commissioners meet beginning at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in the Bob Ruud Community Center in Pahrump.

In recent meetings the commissioners have heard complaints from Beatty and Pahrump residents regarding dust the vehicles generate and the poor conditions dirt roads are left in when the race is concluded. Beatty residents, including members of the town advisory board, have been the most outspoken.

In the past the commissioners have approved the use of the old trails with few stipulations, including proof of insurance and an verbal commitment on the part of Casey Folks of Best in the Desert Racing to get the roads back into the condition they were in prior to the race.

An outright ban of the use of Nye's older roads is possible. The more likely outcome could be more binding stipulations, such as bonding for road restoration and guidelines for when the restoration is to take place after a race.

Folks recently said the Old China and Windy Gap roads had been restored. He also said the April off-road race generated about $1 million for the Nye economy. Racers and their support teams booked every available room in Pahrump as well as the Longstreet Inn at Amargosa, he said.

Tuesday's agenda also includes a 10 a.m. public hearing on two alleged nuisances in Pahrump. The complaints were filed by Francisco Ruano, against a property next door to his home Pueblo, and Richard Brain, against a property near his home on W. Horn. Both complaints are accompanied by photos of debris-filled lots.

The potential for three private sessions exists. At 11 a.m. the commissioners are scheduled to close the meeting to review potential or current litigation. There are also two other closed sessions, one also dealing with litigation and the other regarding labor negotiations. The labor negotiations closed session routinely appears on the agenda, and is sometimes removed from it.

Justice of the Peace Tina Brisebill is expected to ask the commissioners to assign County Manager David Chavez and others to a committee to assist in coordinating plans for a new regional justice center. Brisebill and others advocate a separate center for the district and justice courts, saying the new facilities in the government complex on E. Basin are too small. That point is moot at this time, since the complex has been closed since Labor Day due to lingering concerns about the environment in the building and its impact on the people who work there.

Repairs to the Pahrump detention center could be authorized by the commissioners. The detention center was purchased used from a Colorado community in the 1980s and was moved to Pahrump, where it eventually opened in 1991.

The planning department will propose developing a more comprehensive approach to land use planning, something the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission seemed to endorse at a recent session. The current "open use" zoning in much of the valley has not been warmly embraced, even by those who strongly oppose zoning in general.

Ken Treat is scheduled to speak to the commissioners about securing funding to get the Calvada fountain, located at Highway 160 and Calvada, repaired and operating again. The fountain broke down several months ago. Treat sees it as a recognizable landmark, and wants it restored.

The Amargosa Town Advisory Board, meanwhile, will ask for the approval to install a landing pad for air ambulances in the community.

Nye County Health Officer Maureen Budahl will propose allowing a Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse contract nurse to test Pahrump detention center inmates for HIV and tuberculosis when they are booked into the facility.

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